Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hey, Hey, HAY!

Kind of feel I'm getting into the swing of the kids' craft workshops now. Definitely learn something new every time I do one; like not to be ridiculously over ambitious with the making plans.... an hour disappears so quickly when you're crafting. No fun rushing and trying to cram too much in. With a bit of time and space kids start coming up with their own imaginative ideas, and that's what it's all about really.

Friday's workshop at the Hay Festival Winter Weekend was a lot of messy, sparkly fun. Such a lovely setting too, in Hay castle. The kids made little feathery lovebirds from 'Make Your Own Zoo' and to Christmas them up a bit, I attached a loop of thread so they could be tree decorations, and laid on the glitter and sparkles! The children also made homes for their birds - an egg box lid bank and a tissue paper streamer tree.... with a generous sprinkle of glitter and shiny stars of course.
Some splendiferous, creative making. Just lovely to see.

Afraid the pictures aren't great - it was quite dark inside, but at least I took some this time!

While I was packing up they were getting the room ready for a live band and dancing, and warming up the mulled wine. Wish I could have stayed!


  1. Brilliant post, this looks like so much fun

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Feathers and glitter...your birds could be on Strictly!
    Absolutely brilliant of course Tracey, as are all your egg box makes. I bet you hear some gems from the kids too?
    (Just been watching Secret lives of 5 year olds) xx

    1. they were sweet! Very enthusiastic - one little girl gave me a hug! Made my day xx

  3. Those glittery birds are lovely and would look good on any Christmas Tree.