Thursday, 10 September 2015

The mini kitchen hunt and other French finds

We had this standing joke that while my husband was away and I was on holiday with the kids in France, I'd find another vintage toy kitchen to add to the others lining the back wall of our kitchen...

Well, he thought it was a joke.

I was on a mission.

And I'd have dearly loved to have found another one. I'd have casually placed it in the background during one of our FaceTime chats - see if he noticed, but it was not to be, sadly. The only thing I spotted was a very lovely range cooker in the same style - 45 euros though! Way too steep for a small toy cooker. Not saying I didn't consider it. For about 5 seconds.

I think the great kitchen hunt meant I didn't take in much else during the few trips we made to Vide Greniers (car boots, french style), so I didn't come back with a lot this year, just a few bits and bobs really.

But love these - metal snowdrop tealight holders, and they look like they have a little age to them. Quite bendy and delicate, but managed to get them home without losing any petals or leaves.

Another floral enamel metalwork light. Over the years I've bought a few; because they're for nothing (never paid more than 5 euros) and I'm a soft touch for them. Maybe not so much for this wall light, as it's a bit newer and more gaudy than the others, but it was only a euro! Problem is they usually have to be rewired.

This is when you have to part with a bit of money.

I keep saying I'm going to teach myself how to do it - apparently it's not too difficult (though you need a qualified electrician to actually fit the light). A lovely guy in a sparkly decadent chandelier shop in Hay-on-Wye very kindly explained how to feed the wire through the metal flower stems; and I have looked it up on line, but then I think there'd always be an element of doubt...

Anyway, I found someone not far from us who can do it, and he's very reasonable. I know this, because of the hefty sum I paid the first time.

You can never have too many egg cups?

Anyone who pops by my blog on a regular basis will know how many egg boxes I get through! So, always plenty of eggs in this house. Really like the pattern, and only a euro for both of them.

Lovely vintage fabric on this cushion...'s full of not-so-lovely foam chips, and I haven't got round to replacing them yet. I bought the funny little vinyl covered box at the same time - only 50c - it's going to be my travel sewing box, so I don't have to lump around my toolbox-size one.

I'm hoping it'll help spur me into craft action, because I seem to have lost my sewing/knitting oomph.  Last summer I was incredibly industrious - not only coming up with cardboard animals for the zoo, but also making toys and decorations for various craft fairs. Honestly I look back on all that and can't quite believe I made so much stuff. Well I've sort of ground to a halt this year - apart from the knitted King Charles spaniel with the wonky leg.

There'll be no Christmas craft fairs unless I get going. Need to find my oomph!!


  1. Yes get going Tracey....I've already made one xmas present and I've just seen a Werthers commercial on tv so it must be near! lol. Absolutely fab French finds, the light is stunning and I'm liking that little vinyl case beaucoup. Have you been watching French Collection?

    1. No! How have I missed that?? Just looked it up but can't see what time it's on? Sounds good though. Look at you with an xmas present made already! Put me to shame. I've a few things left over from last year but definitely not enough for a Fair. Just not feeling it at the moment :( xxx

  2. Looks like you had a good time in France even if you didn't find another kitchen. The joke with us when my husband went away with the Army was that I'd crash the car (it happened without fail), so a toy kitchen from a vide grenier doesn't seem like much to ask!

    1. no it doesn't! Would worry that any mention of the car might be tempting fate! Hoping you've been accident free since the move to Pembrokeshire??

  3. Another good haul. I didn’t do too badly at ours yesterday, but no vintage stuff like this - well done.

  4. Wow - that's a haul. Those mini kitchens are so cute, and I really like the pattern on that cushion too. Very nice egg cups. And I hope you get going on your knitting again, and find your oomph - Xmas (gulp) isn't that far away! X