Monday, 22 June 2015

Every sha-la-la-la, every wo-o-wo-wo

It's all going far too fast at the moment. There've been no leisurely lunches a deux, or pottering round secondhand shops in Leominster, or swinging hands along the river path by the Wye.
All day-dreams - and even when I thought them, I knew they were.

Time off before a tour of duty is never properly time off. There have been training days, meetings and a recce dotted through the weeks. And at home, life has been a non-stop whirl of exams, matches, clubs, parties and sleepovers. But that's the way it is. We've been here before. So, I'm holding onto the good stuff, when we're all together, like a pub meal out on Sunday for Father's day, though the onset of teen-dom can make this more of challenge...

Dad was on my mind too, as he often is, and seeing the roses coming out always makes me think of him. He loved his roses. Like to believe he'd be proud of mine this year.
I told the kids about the time I dug a large piece of flint out of a flowerbed in the garden and wrapped it up for Father's day. Dad kept it on his desk and used it as a paperweight for years. Probably one of the most useful presents I ever gave him.

I'm loving having a break from the school run, though the kids are fed up to the back teeth with the Carpenters CD, which plays on a continuous loop in the car. Bless my husband and his easy-listening classics. It's freed up a lot of time for me though, but no point dwelling on how much, or getting too used to it.

Anyway, I've started the hall - walls and ceiling painted, and moving onto doors and skirtings. That's the plan!

And having vowed to give up egg boxes for a bit, wouldn't you know, I'm back on them. Can't help myself! We've made Clangers and Peppa Pig, and I've tried out a few farm animal ideas.

The other major thing on my mind is publicity for the book. I'd say it's preying on my mind to be honest, because anything to do with self-promotion makes me uncomfortable. And now of course, I'm starting to regret avoiding pretty much all social media, bar blogging, because it probably would have helped. So, I've finally got round to signing up to Facebook, and after much yelling and bashing of computer keys, managed to set up a page called 'Make Your Own Zoo' for crafty ideas. More yelling and bashing of keys and I appear to have installed a Facebook 'like' widgety thing on the righthand side of this blog - hopefully you can see it. Wish I'd done it earlier really, because now I kind of understand it, I think it would have been a better option than starting a new blog. You live and you learn.

The next thing is building up some interest in the page, which feels like tackling the cliff face of a notoriously steep mountain without necessarily having the right equipment. This is the bit I find difficult, because I don't like asking for things, and know many people who kindly pop by here aren't so into kids' crafts - but if you wouldn't mind, or happen to know anyone who might be interested, I'd be hugely grateful for a like or two. No pressure or expectations at all.
Uncurling toes now.


  1. So sorry to hear he's off again :-(. Have invited all my friends to like your FB page xxx