Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cafes, customer care and curiously cute kitchens

Still no bloody broadband.

Three engineers out so far and each one has said it's someone else's problem. Sound familiar?

So I’m writing long lists of stuff I want to check and drinking troughs of Cafe coffee, when time allows.

Only a few weeks in, and I’ve had a change of heart on the Cafe front too. I’ve been going to the same one pretty regularly for a year; making use of the wifi when there’s no point traipsing 35 minutes home between pick ups. I have the same coffee every time, the staff are the same, and still I’m lucky if I get the faintest flicker of recognition. Not the best feeling really, being instantly forgettable! Even a smidgeon of interest would be good, and we’re talking small town here; a steady trickle of customers; they’re not exactly run off their you see, I’m writing this wondering why I've stuck with it for so long! Anyway, when one of them was monumentally unhelpful about my failure to get online, I popped across the road to another Cafe, where I instantly got connected, and the next time I was in, the girl remembered my coffee. Such a small thing, but that’s all it takes.

Back to blog business and promised pics of a few summer french finds. 
I think my favourite ever buy at a french flea market/Vide Grenier has got to be this small, vintage toy kitchen by Comme Maman. Maybe you remember it?  

So imagine my utter joy when I spied another one! Couldn’t believe it! Though had to hold my breath as I watched a woman right by it hand over some money..huge wave of relief when she picked up an old doll’s wardrobe. 
The kitchen is rather tatty and rusty with bits missing, like the other one - I think it would have had a little water container so you could fill the sink, and there'd have been lots of tiny utensils. Need to do some investigating.  Another thing to add to the flipping list...

I happily handed over 3 euros, and the kitchen was mine. My husband wasn’t with us at the time.and not being the biggest fan of the first one, his face was such a picture when he saw it. Sort of bewildered resignation. 

The kitchen has now joined the orange kitchen in our kitchen. 

This find had wider appeal - it’s vintage Tupperware and has a clever little draining handle for olives, gherkins and the like. One euro well spent I think.

Another pyrex dish, and the eldest's first apple crumble. Don't know why he's looking so glum, it was delicious! I know I've got a fair bit of pyrex, but it was only 50c.

A little wooden couple that made me think of the rather weird candlestick I got last time.

Lovely antique salt cellar - a little dear at 8 euros,  but I've been looking for one for a while.

This was only 50c - always handy to have a place to display tiny things. I thought I might jolly it up with a bit of decoupage and sell it, but if I do, I’ll probably want to keep it. This is the problem...

A lovely vintage four-in-one game in great condition.

If there is a plus side to all this internet strife it’s that I've really pushed on with my crafting.  The toy pile is growing and it all looks bright and cheery, so I’m feeling pretty happy about that. I’ll hopefully be able to show you some Jumble Betty stuff next week. Maybe even from the comfort of home, wouldn't that be great? 
And exceedingly unlikely.


  1. Still no internet...that is pants and so are the staff in that coffee shop, they clearly don't deserve your custom so good for you for defecting. Loved seeing your VG finds, trés bon. Love it all espesh the display tray for 50c...major bargain. Keep meaning to ask you where you stay in France?
    Am now listening to French radio at home and was told by my professeur yesterday that French people would have no trouble understanding me...(breathes on nails and polishes) Chuffed or what!

    1. Brilliant Fiona! You put me to shame, always come home with good intentions. We stay near Castillones, half an hour south of Bergerac - very pretty, lots to do and plenty of Vides! x

  2. Those Comme Maman kitchens look so 1960-70's Dutch to me! Some great finds. And I think I recognize that teenage boy look. He is really proud of his crumble, I think. Cute guy! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Thanks Linda! He'll love that….in a kind of self-conscious, eyes fixed on the ground, pre-teen way! x

  3. Great finds! I love all things minature so I can appreciate the kitchens. As for the vintage Tupperware, I think most of mine would come into that category, but you did well for one euro.

    1. seems to be a real market for Tupperware, a bit like vintage pyrex. Don't see it so often though I don't think.

  4. So sorry to hear about your internet strife! Nightmare! The French flea market haul is really impressive though, well done you! :) x

  5. I think I'd be tearing my hair out if i'd had no internet for a while!!!! And you are so good at these finds. Those kitchens are so sweet, and I love the old pyrex dish too.... and can't wait to see all the crafting you've been doing! X

  6. Those kitchens are so cute. It's kind of funny seeing them in a kitchen. Imagine if you could find teeny tiny miniature ones to put on top of them, and create an infinite kitchen regression.
    And pyrex is great stuff - it's so expensive new I've been very chuffed to pick up old ones at op shops and church sales for a few dollars. Good job you found a new cafe - that first one sounds awful. It doesn't take much to treat customers right, after all. It is nice to be remembered and given a bit of a smile when you order your coffee.