Saturday, 19 April 2014

Foiled again

When it comes to kids and Easter eggs
no matter what you say,
the foil gets ripped to tiny shreds
that seem to go astray...

So once all eggs are eaten,
and chocolate is a chore,
there'll be shiny bright reminders
sprinkled on the floor.

They somehow spread from room to room,
like Easter time confetti,
there's bound to be a few of them
stuck behind the settee.

And however much you hoover,
however much you try,
You can be sure
that sometime soon
a glint will catch you eye.


  1. Very true! Aaagh, those little scraps of creme egg foil in the photo are stressing me out....

    1. mine seem to be incapable of taking foil wrappers off in one piece..already a few twinkly bits on the floor, and there's all those tiny foil pellets in pockets to look forward to….

  2. Great poem - and so true - drives me nuts hoovering up what feels like millions of tiny peices of easter egg wrapper - their is something about easter egg chocolate tho - yummy!!!

    1. …really good, but overdid the egg eating, Again, so off chocolate for at least a day.. Thanks Lorna :)

  3. Haha! Yes yes yes. I shall find wrapping hidden everywhere, doing the 'return to school' clean xx

  4. Just like Christmas tree needles! Great poem :) #prose4t

  5. So true. I found some under the sofa cushion earlier! #Prose4T

  6. This is BRILLIANT! It sums up children with Easter Eggs perfectly! A great poem lovely lady - thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x