Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Gallery: The turquoise trouser suit

I think it's fair to say my fashion sense has never been that great...

I remember loving this smart little nylon number - not sure who got it for me though - definitely wasn't my mum because she couldn't bear it.

I don't know why she didn't just make the suit mysteriously disappear. I've tried this a few times, but annoyingly my daughter has a knack of finding whatever it is before I've squirrelled it out of the house.

On the day the picture was taken, my cousins were coming to stay, and I was determined to show off my trouser suit. Of course as soon as mum caught a glimpse of turquoise, she told me in no uncertain terms to change - I point blank refused and was sent to my room…she really must have hated it!
When I heard the cousins arriving, I sneaked out and climbed through a small window at the side of the house, casually joining everyone outside by the car as if nothing had happened - and I was pretty certain mum would be too busy to make a fuss.

But she did make a point of taking this photo. Even though she knew it would be years before I actually got the point….

Now I have reasonably regular clothes battles with my 6 year old, which she usually wins - but I do take photos of her more memorable outfits.  For later.

Plenty more classic photos over at The Gallery - the theme this week is A Younger Me.


  1. I do love that you climbed out the window you loved your suit so much! Love that your Mum took the pic as well, we Mum's always have the last laugh don't we! :)

  2. I wonder why you mum took agaianst it so much. It’s gorgeous colour and makes a change from the ever constant pink for little girls. Practical too, and for its time, quite trendy. Have you checked to see what she was wearing at the time she took these photos?

    1. good point! Not sure why it bothered her so much - mum wore lots of bright colours in the 70's...must ask her if she remembers the suit.

  3. I think it's super-groovy. Gotta love a turquoise trouser suit, I say! x

  4. Brilliant that you climbed out of the window.... turquoise is a very underestimated colour.... X