Monday, 30 September 2013

Room with a View - September

Where's this month gone? It seems to have disappeared in a blur of school runs, homework and never ending lists. Plenty of changes here with all three going to new schools, but the View is much the same, apart from the nearest field which has been ploughed since the last photo.
Close up, leaves are looking tired and worn, but still no really noticeable sign of autumn yellows and reds among the trees in the distance. Not yet, but soon I'm sure.

We've had a few very misty mornings recently, and I tried to catch them on camera, but they didn't look the way I hoped - all you could see was the power line, cleverly disguised here by all the green.
I keep thinking I should probably have added a few more not-so-lovely-weather shots, for a bit of contrast. Almost did in April (and May, and June...remember all that rain?), but the photos were grey and miserable and I couldn't bring myself to post them.

But a frosty morning shot would look pretty good; or a late afternoon autumn view, bathed in a golden pink glow.  


  1. It's a beautiful view, Tracey. Our September has disappeared - we put the camper van away yesterday and ate pumpkin soup, so I do feel like Autumn is on the way. Hope the kids are settling at their new schools xx

    1. Thanks Sally, all seems to be far... I had my last drive of the year in Betty today, felt a bit sad putting her away, hope we'll get out a little more next year, but weekends seem to have disappeared too! xx

  2. Wish I had that view.... now it's mid October, it's started to get very messy with all the leaves being blown from the trees. X.