Sunday, 1 September 2013

Room with a View - August

How about that? No straggly hedge inching up the August photo. Though must admit the timely trim had nothing to do with me; all down to the farmer who seems to have cut his roadside hedges a little earlier than usual.  And a 'spot the difference' check with previous pics shows he's cleared a row of small trees between the fields on the right of the photo too.

Apart from that, the sun has possibly bleached another shade out of the grass in places, and some leaves have an autumny brittle brown about them....And I'm wondering if the trees will hang on to their leaves a little longer this year? Seeing as we had such a late spring and everything's still behind, despite the decent summer weather.

There have been a few wet, blustery reminders that the season's soon turning, but perhaps it'll take the View a while to catch up?


  1. A lovely late summer snap tracey.

  2. Such a lovely view! Certainly feeling very autumnal here today! :)

  3. Look at those shadows too! Lovely.