Wednesday, 11 September 2013

All aflutter

Maybe you've noticed? My butterfly thing?
I've so many pictures now; almost rivalling the sunset collection, but did you see them last week? There seemed to be clouds of them floating about during the lovely weather.
Our flower beds were brimming with butterflies, mainly white ones - Cabbage Whites I think.

I counted 15 on or around some verbena and a nearby lavender bush, and tried desperately to get them all in one shot - but this little slice of garden magic didn't look like much when I checked the photos.

I watched some flit from flower to flower, and when another flew in, they would suddenly spiral upwards together, spinning faster and faster in a kind of butterfly reel, until one broke away. I so wanted to catch it, but as you can see, they were too fast for my camera.
Though I suppose it depends how you look at it - to me the butterflies are a dancing blur, to my daughter they're dancing fairies.

I've more pictures like this...

than this...

and plenty just not quite in the frame...

but, funny enough I don't find it frustrating. Taking pictures of them makes me feel calm. Peaceful even.

As the summer fades I'll miss these times, just sitting and watching and waiting.

Linking up with Older Mum in a Muddle's glorious One Week Project - a chance to look back at the summer that's been.


  1. How gorgeous - butterflies are so hard to capture and you've done your self proud - you've taken some wonderful shots! And they are like dancing fairies. Little A just loves them. Lovely post as ever.... and thank you so much for joining in #oneweek again. X.

    1. Thank you :) Always such a lovely linky x

  2. How lovely. We have definitely noticed more here too! :)

    1. There were loads! Lovely to see so many busying about - a sort of last fling before autumn takes hold...

  3. You've done a great job with these. Butterflies are notoriously hard to get pictures of - for the amateurs that is. Well done.