Saturday, 3 August 2013

Room with a View - July

....the month when summer sizzled...and kept on sizzling....and sapped some of the green out of my Room with a View. Things are starting to look a bit brown and crispy round the edges; and if this photo had a smell there'd be wafts of dry grass, mixed with an undercurrent of warm air and a strong hint of barbecue from the campsite next door...

Most of my monthly pictures have been taken in the afternoon when the sun is drifting downwards - perhaps I should have kept to a set time, but this one's from the morning when the fields aren't so full of shadows.
The other change is the straggly roadside hedge between us and the view, which is starting to grow into the shot at the bottom. Maybe I'll have to get the shears out before the August pic, but we're away in France now and I've done something agony to my right shoulder and can't do much of anything: so chances are the straggly hedge will have crept further up next month's photo...


  1. There's nothing better than the English countryside on a summer's day when the sun's shining. Have really appreciated our beautiful landscape this summer.

  2. It's funny isn't it? Autumn's not all that far off! :)

  3. Your straggly hedge reminds me of the one we no longer have to trim - Oh joy!

  4. I've noticed things getting a bit crispy around the edges too - funny to think that September and the autumn are just around the corner. Here's hoping for an Indian summer! X.