Friday, 7 June 2013


I'm a fickle flower fancier, a big old flower flirt; flitting from one to the next without so much as a backward glance. I have my favourites, but then some other pretty thing catches my eye, and the old beau's forgotten and fades away.

It starts with the purples and yellows in early spring (though nothing early about it this time..) And it isn't the big, bold daffs and the like that sway me; instead it's the shy, dainty anemone blanda - only showing their faces when the sun shines.
There are white anemones in the woods near us, but it's the bluey purple kind I love. So taken with them that I ordered 300 little tubers a few years ago, and now, when the time's right, there are splashes of purple where ever you look. Spreading a little further every year.

Anemone blanda
I have a soft spot for the rockery plants: the pink carpet of alpine phlox and purple aubrieta...

...always reminds me of my Granny; I can still hear her telling me to cut it back after it's flowered.
So many things in the garden make me think of her.

Then the blossom starts and for a while that's all I see. Truly wonderful to look at a tree covered, every inch, in delicate scented flowers. How could that not turn your head? Especially Magnolia; beautiful, magnificent Magnolia. Easy to put on a pedestal.

The blossom is a brief affair, but never ever disappointing.

An iris reeled me in the other day; such amazing petals..

..but Alliums are my present love, so striking with their neat, pompoms of tiny star shaped flowers, balanced on top of long elegant stems. Another example of over-enthusiastic bulb ordering because they pop up all over the place, bringing some structural beauty to the beds.

I'm noticing my favourites tend to be purple, but that's about to change I think....just spotted this fragrant white lilac; hard to miss, shining in the sun.

white lilac
And it won't be long before the garden really ups its game and turns on the bright lights. Then I'll be a serious bloom bounder. Spoilt for choice!

There's always a certain amount of anticipation about the roses - some buds are just starting to open, now the sun's out at last. My dad is a fount of all knowledge about them....he always asks after the roses; sometimes before he asks about the kids.
He's given us the most beautiful climber - small, startlingly bright orange flowers with darkish leaves. I planted it by the front door.
It's called Warm Welcome.
Think that's going to be my next favourite.

I'm linking up with Older Mum in a Muddle's wonderful One Week project - catching a flavour of spring '13. 


  1. Such beautiful pictures, and flowers! Our flowers have a lot to catch up on, I am patiently waiting!!

    1. shouldn't be long now! A few warm days and they'll be blooming :)

  2. Ooooooh you flower flirt! Your garden looks gorgeous - splendid colours :o). I've been wrenching out the weeds of my new garden all this week. Now a trip to the garden center awaits. Thank you so much for linking up this week. X.

    1. Love a trip to the garden centre! SO tempting! But I'm trying to resist this year as there's no room left in my beds :( Have fun plant picking! x

  3. I'm imagining all the flowers in your garden pushing each other out of the way, "Look at me", "No, look at me,I'm prettier", vying for your attention! Generally I like soft pinks and purples, but then our yellow flag irises have just come out, so - like you - I've forsworn the others for a new love! Have a good weekend! Abby x

    1. Love that Abby! There's a lot of vying going on! Went out yesterday and a few other lovelies I'd forgotten about caught my eye :) Such a gorgeous garden time - everything looks good at the moment xx