Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Room with a View - June

What a relief! A good week. Starting to worry we were going to run out of June before I got a decent Room with a View photo. I missed a few lovely days early in the month, but just assumed there'd be plenty more to come.
What a mistake that was.
After a miserable April/May weren't we owed a sunny June? Totally flawed logic I know, but you have to live in hope with the british weather.

This out-of-the-window shot was taken between showers. The trees have plumped up since the May photo, and it's just as green - not lost any of its lushness. We all know why that is.
I've heard lots of talk about how beautiful and fresh everything looks after the rain, and it's true, it really does, but only if it actually stops raining... Our garden has taken quite a battering this month.

Still, it does mean we're blessed with all this gorgeous green, and you can't argue with the view.

Don't want to tempt fate, so I'm saying nothing about July.

There's more about the Room with a View project here, and I'm linking up with the Gallery - by some happy coincidence the theme this week is Green.


  1. Stunning, just stunning! Fingers crossed for July! :)

  2. That's very, very green, but looks wonderful. I hope you have better weather for the school hols.

  3. Wow that is a beautiful view!

  4. So beautiful. It's so full of life! I'm not holding my breath for July but I still hope...!

  5. Love the view, and I am with you on July!


  6. Such a beautiful view I could look at that for hours. I now rain is a pain (ooh I'm a poet!) but it sure does make everything look lush

  7. That is a wonderful green view. Lucky you.

  8. And what a gorgeous, stunning view you have!