Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Gallery - New

About this time every year we get new neighbours...

The farmer puts a few of his ewes and their lambs in the paddock next to us, and it's lovely having them so close: new life, right there - a real sign of spring, even if the weather doesn't quite match at the moment.

Seeing them every day reminds me of the sheep we had for a spell when I was growing up. Only six, but boy were they a handful!  Excellent at keeping the grass and weeds down in our small field...also excellent at escaping, like fluffy houdinis - especially the ram, on the lookout for ladies...

We often got calls from neighbours about them being out on the road. And everyone knew they were ours because they were Jacob sheep, and hard to miss with their distinctive piebald black and white fleece.

Mum taught herself to spin the wool on a lovely old spinning wheel, and the yarn was beautiful; but knitted into a jumper I remember it being scratchy, and so thick and stiff I couldn't put my arms down flat by my sides...
I know, way back then, mum dreamt about having a smallholding, but that idea seemed to lose some of its sparkle after the sheep!
Funny, I was talking to her about the Jacob sheep the other day, and she remembers them so fondly now...

The Photo Gallery theme this week is New


  1. They are soooo cute!! I really want to take z to see some up close!

  2. Aww, nothing more lovely than seeing new lives taking form x

  3. I so wish our neighbours where these guys!

  4. Lucky you, having new neighbours as cute as these :-)

  5. They are lovely... and I really like that your mum taught herself to spin wool on a wheel. Do you still have the jumper she knitted for you?

    1. No.. jumper is long gone, but mum still has the spinning wheel :)

  6. They are lovely and I love that they bring back so many fond memories for you x

  7. Aw how lovely... My Mum has alpacas, she needs a spinning wheel! :D