Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Winter warmth

Whatever the weather, this winter was always going to have a warm glow about it:
it was the winter my husband came home;
the winter we got back to being a family again.

It was always going to be good.

Early last year I remember thinking what a shame it was that his tour didn't end in the spring or the summer, when we'd have had more options of things to do; but actually winter was perfect. A perfect excuse to retreat indoors and shut the rest of the world out for a bit.

And we needed that quiet time to rest, and share, and find our way again. No pressure to do anything else.

There were some wobbles: it took a while to adjust, to smooth out the bumps; but those winter months gave us the space to recover and get back to a kind of normal.
The kind of normal I remember.

When the snow came we truly were cut off from everything for a time.

So still, so peaceful; so unimaginably different from his reality just a few months ago. Sometimes it's too easy to forget how polls apart life is for him now compared to last year in Afghanistan. Maybe because it's far beyond anything I'll experience. Impossible for me to know, but forever on his mind.
I think about that when I look at this picture of him wandering up the lane, snow swirling round, deep in thought.. followed by the poor old cat..

Now there are signs of the season turning - and I think, bar the sniffles and the colds, we're all stronger after our winter tucked away in hibernation.
Ready to make the most of what's ahead.

I'm joining in with Older Mum in a Muddle's wonderful seasonal linky, One Week - capturing thoughts and experiences of winter '13 in words and pictures


  1. What wonderful photos and your cat looks a total dude! It does sound special hibernating together.

  2. very poignant and a really lovely photo of him and the cat following.

  3. Beautiful pictures and a really touching post - so glad to hear he has now returned but what a culture shock it must be for him - a very big adjustment. Great that you locked yourselves away, and are finding your relationship again!

  4. Touching post. As I type this, there is a photo to my immediate right of smilers in clown noses. Life isn't always so simple. And your post honours the adjustments that your family has gone through.

    Sue xo

  5. This was a lovely heart-warming post to read. It also offers and touching insight for those, like me, who have experience of this kind of separation. Enjoy the rest of your hibernation.

  6. I am glad that hibernation has been good for you all... Such a lovely post (with some stunning pictures too!) :)