Monday, 7 January 2013

Room with a view

I've got a fair bit of blogging mileage out of the view from our kitchen window. I was thinking about that yesterday, as I posted yet another photo taken while hanging precariously from it, with one arm wrapped round the frame.

We are blessed with the view

It's like a favourite picture that's constantly changing - sky, landscape, colours, shadows - but like a favourite picture, it can sometimes blend into the background, as everyday life takes over and you forget to allow yourself a minute to look. But I have grabbed hold of more of those moments over the last year as my interest in photography has grown.

I raced home the other afternoon as the sun set, and the sky glowed orange and pink - just to see how it looked from the window.

So I'm going to try a bit of an experiment, and post a photo every month of the view, from exactly the same spot, on exactly the same setting. Hopefully ending up with 12 pictures, reflecting how it changes through the seasons. Then I'll bring them together at the end of the year. That's the plan...

Now I'm praying this isn't going to be the blogging equivalent of watching paint dry... but maybe you have a view you'd like to record too? To see how it changes? It doesn't have to be the countryside. Most views have something interesting to offer I think. Sometimes it's obvious; sometimes you have to look a little harder. I have quite strong memories of many of mine - looking out over the city from a flat in Glasgow; army quarters around a patch of grass covered in cherry trees and kids; a wood in Camberley, a pond in Armagh, a busy play park in Holywood (the northern irish one, not the tinselly one!), a street market in London, and seeing the sea from a bedsit in Bournemouth - if I stood on my tiptoes.

Maybe the view that comes to mind isn't from a window, but one you see regularly on a walk, going to work or when you're taking the kids to school. Anyway I'll post my first one before the end of the month, once I've found a good camera setting and the right window-dangling position.


  1. What a great view and a lovely idea too x

  2. Gorgeous view, and gorgeous pics! I did a similar thing when we lived in Denmark, of our walks by the lake... Loved the end result! Looking forward to more pics! :)

    1. oh thank you Emma! I'm quite sure yours are stunning - maybe I'll be able to find them if I do a search? Will have a look :)