Thursday, 31 January 2013

Room with a View - January

It had to be the snow. The problem was, nearly all our snowy days were dull and grey, with the landscape and sky melding into one - so the view was very flat. But then just before the rain came and washed the white away, we got a glimpse of the sun and it lifted the landscape.

I like this one of the light cutting through the gloom, but it was tricky to choose because I took a ridiculous number of photos. I'll limit my view snapping in february I think!

The other slight dilemma I had was just a few clicks to the right and I can see the sun setting between the trees. I posted a shot of this view on sunday and was pretty happy with it. Who doesn't love a good sunset? But the thing is the foreground is not quite so interesting, and do I really want 12 of them?

I've opted for the rolling countryside, hoping there'll be more to see as the seasons change.
So I've got my window position worked out and my camera setting sorted. And if you're reading this at the moment wondering what on earth I'm on about, then the answer is here!