Thursday, 10 January 2013

A very merry Christmas swap

Just before I was swept away on a wave of Homecoming excitement in November, I signed up for Lakota's most marvellous thrifty, crafty Christmas Swap. My first ever swap. So I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but knew there was no better place to give it a whirl.
Lakota paired me up with the wonderfully talented Jenny from The Gingerbread House who makes and bakes beautiful things. The rules were no more than a £12 spend, at least one homemade gift, same for secondhand, and something linked to a Christmas song/carol. I did a bit of digging to get an idea what Jenny might like and had a lot of fun putting her parcel together. The fact the things I found look like a pile of toys, probably says more about me..

So I sent Jenny a vintage fisher price mum and car to add to her collection, bought at a local car boot;
a hand knitted donkey...little donkey, on a dusty road...
one of my lavender owls;
a vintage french domino box;
and a crochet covered tortoise tape measure I found on eBay.

Such a treat getting my parcel from Jenny in the post - and when I opened it, out fell a lovely bundle of carefully wrapped presents... Flippity flip! I'd forgotten to wrap the things for Jenny. HOW had that slipped my mind? What a complete numpty. I blame my husband's impending return.
Anyway inside the little packages there was a gorgeous collection of Christmas tree decorations - fantastic handmade ones, vintage thrifted tinselly ones, and a piece of lovely festive fabric. Isn't the gingerbread couple decoration sweet? Such a clever idea to use small embroidery hoops.
There was also a mini toblerone, but that didn't make the photo..

This fab felt holly was the carol clue, and it's staying on my cupboard door.  I think Jenny must have picked up on my tree decoration addiction, because her choice of gifts was simply perfect.


  1. Glad you had fun, thanks so much for signing up. I love the decorations you both made each other, and I always like your owls.

    1. Really enjoyed it Lakota - thanks for organising the swap x

  2. What a lovely idea! Loved your box to Jenny too! How did you manage all that for £12? :)

    1. Thanks Emma! Everything was secondhand or made from something secondhand, apart from the little measuring tape - so it wasn't a big spend :)