Monday, 24 December 2012

The Trouble with Christmas - Part 2

So having survived hours in the car, a blustery ferry crossing and bed at 3am, we were woken by the heart-sinking sound of the eldest throwing up next door...
Apparently we'd brought more than a boot full of presents with us. A nasty little stomach bug had hitched a ride.

Honestly I couldn't believe it, we'd managed to get through the year with so little sickness - wasn't it sod's law? Just when we had to rush round all the family in 3 days. I should have known there was something up - he hadn't eaten his burger during our teatime service station stop. He has never not eaten his burger. So it was quarantine for him for most of the day - poor thing missed the beginning of the family festivities, and I'm praying that did the trick.

It was a good job he stayed upstairs, because seeing all the food downstairs would have finished him off. I love my food, but even I can't keep up with the quantity on offer here. I have never met anyone like my mother-in-law for over-catering. And she absolutely won't let up until you eat something - all mealtimes seem to meld into one. Often reminds me of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted, constantly offering cups of tea, 'Aw go on now! Go on, go on, go on, go on! Just a few more (profiteroles, sausages, mince pies, lumps of lard....)
It's easier to give in.

This is her idea of a light brunch.

 I felt like a beached whale by the time we left, but we'd had a happy catch-up, and the eldest was feeling a lot better. Thankfully no sign anyone else had it. Still praying...
The day with my family went relatively smoothly as well. I think there were too many people and too many distractions for it to go pear-shaped - sort of diluted any family friction, if you know what I mean!

So our trip was short and sweet enough - we got round everyone, we were smiling at the end of it, and still have a quiet family christmas at home to look forward to. I'm really looking forward to that.
We have of course left a sprinkling of clothes, toys and wash things behind, which always seems to happen. I'm just praying we haven't left anything else....

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