Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Gallery - Yellow

This is me in the mid 70's doing a pretty good impression of a lemon. The canary yellow trousers were my favourites - I remember they had an embroidered sunrise on the back pockets, and I didn't want to let them go, as you can probably tell from the high flare and strain around my middle...

It makes me laugh I was so coordinated - none of that's stayed with me!  Even a yellow clip - from memory it was the shape of a pencil. Funny how things come flooding back when you take the time to look.

I showed this photo to my 5 year old, and once I'd managed to convince her it was me (quite a leap for kids sometimes..) she said, 'You're all yellow mummy'.  Indeed.

There's no way she'd wear yellow trousers. 

The Gallery theme this week is Yellow


  1. Certainly wouldn't lose you on the dark ;) x

  2. Ha..yes, I had a big canary yellow cardigan and yellow belt. You've bought back some memories of what I wore as a kid in the 70's

  3. What a refreshing change from today's ubiquitous little-girl pink! All hail to Yellowism!

    1. Funny enough don't remember wearing pink....plenty of brown/orange/yellow though, and a very fetching turquoise number I absolutely loved!

  4. What a brilliant picture! I clearly remember those clips. I had a red one! Perhaps I was dressed as a tomato! :D

  5. Agree with the above - also refreshing to read a blog from my vintage. Oh I remember the crimes against taste in those days :)