Monday, 3 September 2012

Magpie Monday - Holiday hoarding

It wasn't my most sensible french buy, but there was something about the slightly faded vintage material....and when I bought it I wasn't thinking about getting it home.
My husband was though. When I bounced up to him with my purchase, he had the resigned look of a man who knew it was too late (+ unwise) to make a fuss about how we were going squeeze a large, 4 euro deckchair into the back of the car.
It was a squeeze - more than I was prepared to admit at the time, especially as I'd managed to gather quite a sizeable stash from my other vide grenier trips.
I'm really going to miss the street sales. That wave of excitement, walking into a market square packed with tables of secondhand stuff. You do have to wade through quite a bit of tat; but it's french tat, and in among the sea of junk there are fabulous, interesting, different things. 
I loved it.

The deckchair came from one last sale I managed to fit in when my husband was with us. I've almost convinced myself he's coming round to the whole secondhand/car boot experience. It's been 11 years. Maybe I've just worn him down. Anyway he found these two candle-holders, and only paid a euro for them. Pretty good going don't you think.

Enamelware is popular at the french sales - it's often expensive though, even in poor condition, so we were quite pleased to get this small bucket with a lid for 4 euros. Possibly a bread bin?

I'm going to have to face up to my rusty old tin addiction. I keep telling myself they're useful for storage - but I now need somewhere to store my tins. This one cost a euro.

There's a bit of a blue thing going on...the shabby, hopefully chic soap dish was 50c.

More storage, but wooden this time. I bought it at a different sale for 2 euros. It looks reasonably old, and I love the hand-painted bird and flowers.

These also came from elsewhere for a euro - seventies don't you think?? I have so many cups, but the pattern and colours were too tempting. 

There's also the vintage games and other stuff I've posted about already.

Now, where's it all going to go.....?

Plenty of fabulous finds over at Liz's marvellous Magpie Monday. 
Do go see!


  1. Another great haul! My favourite's the soapdish! :)

    1. I was pleased when I found it, and it's one of the few things I do have a place for ! :)

  2. I always love all of the stuff you find, but I particularly love the deckchair and the soap dish. Just beautiful. x

    1. Thank you Liz - if the sun keeps shining maybe, just maybe I'll get the deckchair out this week?? x

  3. I've been in France for weeks and have yet to spot a vide grenier - how did you find them?

    1. I think it's probably coming to the end of the season now, but there could be a few on in september. The best way to find out is to go to the local tourist office. The one near us had a printed list of all the vide greniers and brocantes in the area. Hope that helps.

  4. Oh my goodness what a beautiful haul! I didn't manage to find any markets with bric a bracs on our last visit to France, but will be making an effort to next time if this is the sort of treasure I might find :)