Friday, 31 August 2012

Day 293 - Back to reality (again)

I am glad to be home. Today. I wasn't so over the moon about it yesterday, when my husband went off with the boys for haircuts - leaving me with mountains of mess, clothes, overflowing plastic bags, well-travelled food and a 5 year old. Everything smelt of ripe french cheese.

After 5 weeks away, the house felt cold and damp; there were spiders in every available corner, and I've been trying to avoid looking too closely at the garden. I knew it was going to be bad - there's always that slightly out of control feeling when I first get back. But it'll all get done and I'll be on top of it soon: that's what I kept telling myself as I moved piles of stuff from one part of the house to another, checking my watch...
My husband has a knack of being somewhere else when it comes to packing or unpacking. Admittedly it's quite often beyond his control, and yesterday I had to cut him some slack because he was heading back to Afghanistan very early this morning. Still there was this tired, grumpy part of me that didn't feel so generous.

His leave went incredibly quickly - but I'm not that down about him going this time because we're on the home straight, and we both just want to get it over with now. I crave a more normal life, or as normal as it can be in the army. My husband does too. I know he's tired to his bones. This job has been relentless - 7 days a week, dawn till dusk. There is nothing else but the job when they're out there. It would wear anyone down. He is getting a good chunk of time off, which he'll definitely need - so soon we'll be going from one extreme to the other.

Back to being home, and I'm enjoying the freedom of being able to go on-line whenever I feel like it. My internet time was seriously limited in France. On the plus side this made me more organised about posting, and made me realise how much I faff about on my laptop.
I am going to try to be more disciplined about my on-line time. We'll see how that goes. Don't think I've convinced myself yet...
Anyway the TV has finally given up the ghost - it fizzed, crackled and popped in spectacular fashion, so without the usual night-time telly distraction, I might find myself drifting back to the computer.

I haven't started thinking about back-to-school stuff yet. That's my treat for tomorrow. One thing at a time, and the house is almost how I remember it. Having said that the kids had friends round today, and I haven't been upstairs for a while....
Still I'm nearly there, and though I mightn't have been on the best form yesterday, my daughter did manage to make me laugh when I was handing her things to put away: she gave me a very stern look and said,
"I am NOT an OCTOPUS mummy."


  1. love that comment!!

    When we get home it feels like the spiders have been slowly taking over, and that we're the intruders... Welcome home :-)

    1. Thanks R - it doesn't take them long to reclaim the house, does it. Often wonder where they all come from - are they hiding somewhere, waiting for us to leave? Should be use to it, because there were loads of spiders in France. Some very big ones...

  2. I can't believe his leave is over already. It sounds like you all had a great time though, and I am pleased to hear you have a big chunk of leave to look forward to. Good luck with the start back at school stuff. We have been back for 3 weeks now, and slowly slowly, I feel like I am beginning to reclaim a little time to myself! :D

    1. Blimey! 3 weeks already - I am looking forward to a little space...His leave did go quickly but we're another step closer to the end now. And the break between jobs will be good for all of us, though might take a bit of time to adjust!!