Thursday, 23 August 2012

Day 284 - Time Out

It's good to be a spectator for a bit,
to slip off to the sidelines
and watch the kids enjoy
time with their dad.

And I like this watching;
not being on watch.
Now I can stop 
Switch off,
off duty.

I'm going to make
the most of it;
of being the support act.
And when they forget,
my 3 favourite little words
at the moment?
'Ask your dad.'


  1. I hope you are allowed to wallow in your part time role as spectator. I'm sure Dad is enjoying being No 1.

    Your poem made me cry.

    Take care.

  2. How fantastic to have him with you and for you to step back and watch rather thean do...soooo well deserved and musy have been a long time coming! The lavender bag cakes are you say who could possibly not want a reminder of summer and a note to self to buy some cake! I have loved following your thoughtful and beautifully written blog..have just accessed my account again after many problems...and now see you can also paint!! You are turning into my worst nightmare! Really beautifully observed especially the latest birds...keep them coming . Enjoy your time together as a family and please welcome him home from me x