Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day 279 - Let them sniff cake

I've been knitting madly again to keep busy during the Big Wait (seriously dragging now, but just one more day...) The idea for this little project began with a gift from a neighbour. And I've got to say, I've been blown away by the generosity of our french and english neighbours since we arrived a few weeks ago. We've had bags of beefy homegrown tomatoes, courgettes, small mirabelle plums, a box of melons and we've been lent piles of DVDs.

Our closest neighbour is even letting me use his WIFI, which means I don't always have to trek into town. Still I don't like to go too often - don't want to make him wish he'd never offered, and it does feel a bit awkward sitting outside his kitchen door with my laptop on my knee. I also have to take the kids...

Talking of the kids, a lovely local french family invited them for an afternoon swim in their pool the other day. It was a beautiful pool - on the side of a hill looking out over a valley of sunflowers, plum trees, corn and warm brown earth.  They asked us to stay on and join them for a meal which was incredibly kind of them. I was plied with local wine, given divine little appetisers, and to top it all off, a freshly made truffle omelette. Just amazing. I've never tried truffle before - it was earthy, slightly sweet and maybe not as mushroomy as I was expecting. Now I really did enjoy it, but think it'll be the experience rather than the taste I'll remember.
It was such a magical evening; and the conversation almost flowed, because their english was a lot better than my french. Still it was frustrating not being able to express even a fraction of how grateful I was. There are only so many times you can say 'merci beaucoup'.
Instead I tried to say it with food, and made them a chocolate brownie cake.

ANYWAY, I'm drifting away from the point...the knitty idea sparked by this kind gift.

A large bundle of dried lavender from a lady who lives close by.
Now my thought process went something along the lines of:
Lavender bags? Good....
Knitted lavender hearts? Better...
Knitted lavender cake! Why ever not?
So that's what I did.

...stuffed with lavender and decorated with crocheted flowers.

Who wouldn't want a slice of cake in their drawers?


  1. That looks awesome. What a clever idea. I love to knit and I think your cake slices look excellent.

  2. They are so cute.How very clever of you. Cant beat cake in your drawers! It sound like you are having an amazing time sampling a good old slice of France. Lavender wands are fun to make.

    Hoping his break is fabulous for the whole family!


  3. I think they are so pretty and clever.

  4. They are brilliant! You are so creative! Love the sound of the truffle omelette, sounds divine! :)