Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Capture the Colour

This has to be speedy. Emma at A Bavarian Sojourn has very kindly tagged me in TravelSupermarket's Capture the Colour competition. They're looking for photos that capture the colours Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red; and Emma's entries are definitely worth seeing. They're stunning. Check them out here. The reason for my haste is the deadline for the competition is today, and we're on our way back from France. I might well be too late already, still it's given me something to think about on the journey. And I suppose in some ways it's probably rather apt that I'm writing this on the Calais Dover ferry...
Apologies for the repeats!

White: My disappearing daughter...with every step, slowly vanishing into the swirling sea mist on Tyrella beach in Northern Ireland. This is where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea, but it's almost as if the background has been rubbed out, leaving a lonely little fading figure.


Green: This photo makes me feel like bursting into a high-pitched rendition of 'Jerusalem'.
South Herefordshire truly is England's green and pleasant land: beautiful, unspoilt rolling countryside - and just far enough off the beaten track to keep it that way. The dark grey sky and unexpected ray of sunshine seem to highlight and deepen the greens.

Green, green grass of home

Yellow: The straw photo pipped the sunflowers to the post. Both were abundant where we were staying just south of Bergerac. But I especially love the golden rolls disappearing into the distance and the stripes like ripples across the field.

Straw Fields Forever

Blue: The inviting, sparkling blue of the sea by the Dune du Pilat near Bordeaux. So inviting, that before I could even get my hands on the suncream, she was off, down the beach and straight in.
It's the Atlantic...I was happy watching.

brrrrrr-illiant blue

Red: Beefy, sun-ripened tomatoes add a splash of vibrant red to stalls at the bustling Castillonnes market. Amazingly it's been held every tuesday since 1259. Not even two World Wars stopped it.
Another french photo I know, but there was so much colour around.
These meaty, delicious local Marmande tomatoes put other varieties in the shade. Big enough to be a meal on their own.

'You say tomate...'


  1. Yeay, you made it in time! Beautiful photographs, thanks for joining me! :)

    1. By the skin of my teeth! Thank you for the tag x

  2. PS. thanks for the lovely comments too :)