Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Gallery - Street Photography

Not immediately so 'street' maybe - but for me street photography is a snapshot of life happening anywhere: catching a moment in time, often a moment of other people's time. I've loved watching this daily show at a french lake near where we're staying. A floating pontoon jam-packed with chatting, laughing teenagers all checking each other out. It's heaving with hormones; most of the teens secretly desperate to be pushed in, because that is a sure-fire way of knowing someone likes you....
It's the same every day and endlessly entertaining from the shade of my pine tree.
My kids think the whole thing's completely mad; but one day it will all make perfect teenage sense.

This week's Gallery theme is Street Photography  


  1. Fabulous picture, how lovely does the weather look too? I witnessed the German equivalent today at a wildlife park, how many teenagers could fit in a child's wooden teepee! :D

    1. That must have been some sight! They really do seem to like packing in close - there were so many on the pontoon yesterday it disappeared under the water!