Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 228 - Full steam ahead

You're never too old to enjoy the wind whistling through your hair, on the back of a miniature steam train.....I'd taken the children along to the Broomy Hill miniature railway in Hereford for the afternoon. We're lucky to have this so close by - it's open to the public every 2nd and last sunday of the month from April to October. There are two tracks in a lovely setting down by the river, and it's run by enthusiastic members of the Hereford Society of Model Engineering: the home of cranks and eccentrics (their words not mine!)

The kids made a beeline for the little ticket office, and soon we were all aboard.

Tickets checked, a big puff of steam and we were off, slowly chugging out of the station.

Journey over,  and I managed to hold on to the children for long enough to feed them a speedy picnic, before they charged off again. There was loads to see and do because this was a special event to mark the Society's 50th Anniversary. No surprises that a large pool of water was popular with the kids....more impressive miniature models splashing anyone who got a bit close.

......and it wasn't just boats....the ducks were remote control too!

Plenty of model trains, displays and exhibitions to keep any enthusiast happy, as well as something for Thomas fans.

....she was much more interested in this though...!

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  1. Replies
    1. It was a great day, lots to do and everyone was happy - love it when a plan comes together !

  2. Oh that looks wonderful, what a lovely day out and some sunshine too! We have somewhere local here where we have been taking the children for years, great entertainment value. Nick is also looking into the possibility of a small train line for CoombeMill, sounds wonderful if we can pull it off!Thank you for sharing your day on Country Kids

    1. That is a great idea! It is fun for all ages, so always popular. Are there any engineering/steam train clubs near you that might get involved and help you run it/maintain it? Hope it works out x

    2. Thank you, as it happens we have found one in one of the neighboring villages and are off for a visit soon!

    3. Oh my, been for the visit shown Nick your lovely post here. I think we are going for the next size up! It will make a great blog post watching this one develop, now I want to get started *impatient as always*

    4. Sorry to bombard your comments but can't find another way to contact you. Please take a look at the new Country Kids linky tomorrow as there is a surprise on there for you. You will need to email me your name and address to receive it!