Monday, 25 June 2012

Magpie Monday - Shiny things and Happy People

Magpie Monday makes my husband a little twitchy. It's the first time he sees any of my buys, and he's away for another 5 months....could be a lot of new-old stuff around by the time he gets back.
But at least he's prepared - unlike the last time when he found a vintage campervan in the garage.

Nothing like that on the cards....not yet anyway...

I wasn't going to do any looking last week, but on wednesdays I work opposite a St Michael's Hospice charity shop and felt I had to check, just in case. It's also the happiest, cheeriest charity shop I know. All the people who work there seem to be unfailingly positive about everything, even the weather. It's always busy and there's plenty to rummage through. A very jolly gentleman at the sales desk was hugely enthusiastic about this £2 large vintage pyrex bowl I found - made me feel I'd hit the jackpot.

I looked up vintage pyrex when I got home and some of the old kitchenware is glorious - bright, bold colours and the sort of patterns I love. Definitely going to keep an eye out for more.
This bowl is roomy, so perfect for mixing, or maybe a lovely fresh salad? Green and orange. The little glass bottles with stoppers would work for vinaigrette - just a pound for the two.

Their garlicky shape makes me think they might have had garlic oil in them once apon a time? Maybe I could make up some of my own and give them as presents.

These are my favourites: 1960's shot glasses - six for £4 - perfect for my dad's lovely (lethal) sloe gin, and far too pretty to hid away. I haven't quite decided where they're going yet.

More gorgeous little dust-catchers.

I'm linking up with Liz's marvellous Magpie Monday.
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  1. Haha, I'd not seen your campervan post before - it's brilliant!

    Love your little glass jars, they would be gorgeous for presents.

    I guess there has to be some consolation to having the fella away for so long! x

    1. It's only fair, isn't it ! ;)
      Makes me smile when I post MM on a monday because I KNOW what he'll be thinking...
      Betty the camper was a BIG surprise, but he's coming round to the idea, because she's a lot of fun x

  2. Hi SMM, I have to admit to being a bit baffled my pyrex mania in blogworld. I've grown to like it now, and no doubt when i own some i'll become obsessed about it. However, that orange bowl, pyrex or not, is just fab. Just think what a nasturtium salad would look like in it! WOW! My best salad bowl is cracked and a new one has been on my thrift list for ages now.
    A word of warning on the garlic oil. I would advise googling it and learning how to store it correctly. Doing it wrong can lead to undetectable BOTULISM!! So do read up on it.
    Shot glasses are also really cool.

    1. Hey there, I didn't know about pyrex mania at all until I looked it up and found pics of huge collections, I mean cupboards stacked high with pyrex! Looked beautiful though, so colourful and not what I was expecting. Still don't think I'd go that far...
      Love the idea of a nasturtium salad and will heed your warning about garlic oil !! Yikes! x

  3. I never find good stuff in charity shops. I love that bowl and the glass jars!

    1. Thanks :) My problem is I don't seem to be able to go to a charity shop and not find something...debatable whether some of my somethings are good though!

  4. I love those glasses, great finds x