Monday, 11 June 2012

Magpie Monday - Magpie Mum

A stay with my mum wouldn't be complete without a charity shop trip. She is a champion thrifter and all her grandchildren have done pretty well out of it. Over the years she's picked up a wonderful collection of toys and games, so there's always plenty to keep the kids busy: such a blessing last week with the incessant rain.

The half-term hit was definitely Sorry! - they played it for hours. Lovely to see them enjoying an old game I played endlessly with my sisters. So it's not really something I found, more something I rediscovered that's now top of my wish list.
I held off on the charity shop spree until my husband's short stay was over. Wonderful to have a few unexpected days with him.
And then it was a quick dash through the rain from shop to shop with the kids in tow! A bit of bribery works wonders but we couldn't hang about. Still I managed to pick up quite a good assortment of bits and bobs and had change from a fiver at the end of it (which went straight into the 'treat' fund)

I am getting a little bored of my plain white plates at home, so I've decided to start mixing in any patterned ones that catch my eye.
The plates were both 75p: the one on the left is by J & G Meakin, the other is Ridgway china and isn't that old.

You'd need a magnifying glass to read these tiny Beatrix Potter books but too sweet to pass up for a pound..
The interesting old patch is going in my sewing box. And I bought the cup because I liked the pattern (and it was 20p) though it's too small for a decent cup of tea, so my daughter's using it for her jewellery making beads and bits which is perfect.

Two more handy kitchen things - only 50p each. If the board had been any other shape I wouldn't have noticed it, but I'm mysteriously drawn to fish....
I often flick through knitting patterns if there are any about - these came from a pile of vintage ones: a gorgeous baby's cardigan and some fair isle ideas. Worth a look just to check out the classic old pictures - they are in a league of their own.
I mean, would you let these men anywhere near your children?

....and I LOVE this cover...someone decided to get creative...

I'm linking up with Liz's magnificent Magpie Monday.


  1. I love the Meakin (of course) and it's good to see a game of 'Sorry' is being put to good use :-)

  2. The prints on both plates are lovely together. I love the fish board too. You did well with your fiver!

    1. The plates do match quite well and have already been put to good use - the fish board too. Great to find some handy bargains x

  3. Love the plates and the Beatrix Potter books are very, very sweet indeed.

    1. Thank you :) The little books make me realise it's time I looked into getting some glasses....

  4. Hello, have so enjoyed catching up on your blog just now. Great to hear you had a lovely few day's away with your husband and family, loved the pic of your daughter in the sea :-)
    Love seeing your charity shop finds too xxx

    1. Thanks Jo! It was a wonderful surprise and a very happy few days xxx