Friday, 22 June 2012


It's been a right old week for memes, but this is a bit different; a more relaxed sort of organic one....
The idea is I answer the 11 questions set by lovely Jackie from Working through it; then make up 11 new ones and tag another 11 people to answer them and so on.

So here are Jackie's 11, with my answers:

If you could choose any job/career without having to put in the time and money for training, and assuming your life would magically work around it, what would you pick?
Quite hard, but I'd probably be a Marine Biologist. I've always been fascinated by the sea. I'm sure I've got a completely over-romantic Jacques Cousteau type notion of what's involved - like watching CSI and wanting to be a forensic scientist. The reality is it's probably lots of lab work, but in my head I'd be on a research boat off Fiji, diving into warm crystal-clear water, collecting data about a rare kind of coral. This obviously isn't going to work with kids, so I'd have done the ocean adventure bit before having a family - then I'd join the BBC's Natural History unit and work as a marine expert on their award-winning wildlife programmes.

What pet do you have, and how did you choose it?
We have a cat called Humbug or Humbly. I've always been a cat person - my husband is a dog person learning to be a cat person. Being away a lot means he doesn't really get to choose. This might sound harsh, but I'm the one that's here. We got her from a local farm and I think she chose us: she's the only kitten that came up to take a look, and she's still the same - so nosy.

What is your 'comfort reading' book - the book you re-read to feel better?
I'm not much of a repeat reader, but 'Starter for 10' by David Nicholls always makes me laugh. There's a bit of nostalgia there too, because it's about student life in the 80's. It is clever, hilariously funny and a pleasure to read - though the ending makes my toes curl !
My other pick-me-up book would be 'Neither here nor there: Travels in Europe' by Bill Bryson.

What is the oldest thing in your possession?
I've had Fluffy rabbit my whole life - so-called because he's as rough as wire wool. I was given him when I was born and he's been close by ever since. None of the children like him, "SCRATCHY mummy!" 
But Fluffy will always be around.

I've got lots of really old/antique/vintage things too. This stone is the one that popped into my head when I thought about the question: I picked it up on the first ever walk I went on with my husband in the Mourne Mountains.

How did you choose the name for your blog? Do you still like it, or do you think about changing it?
When I first came up with Single Married Mum, I was so pleased with myself. It seemed to perfectly describe my life when my husband's away. But of course when I googled it, HUNDREDS of SMMs appeared - it's not possible to have an original idea anymore.
To be honest I don't like it as much now.
I couldn't use it as my web address when I set up on blogger, because someone had nabbed it - so for some reason I put in Patchwork Parent. If I keep blogging when my husband gets back, that's probably what I'll call it, because it sums me up.

"An untidy desk means an unorganised mind." Discuss.
My desk would probably be the kitchen table and while I often look a shambles, my desk rarely does. I like my space to be tidy and uncluttered - it keeps be sane, especially when I'm on my own. Maybe it's all in my head, but I'm sure having order around me helps me stay calm and think more clearly.

If you had three days all to yourself, what would you do?
I'd probably go to Copenhagen. Ever since I got hooked on Danish thrillers, like 'The Killing' and 'The Bridge', I've wanted to go. Yes, I KNOW they can be dark, bleak and depressing and probably not the best telly to watch when I'm home alone, but there's something about the scandinavian way of doing things. And if money was no object, I'd book a table at Noma in Copenhagen which has been named the best restaurant in the world for the third year running. That would be amazing.

Are you Apple or Android
I had to look Android up. Not a good sign. My phone is pretty basic, but before he left, my husband bought me an Apple laptop...and now I'm a believer.

When travelling, do you prefer to plan and book, or keep things open?
Although I like having things around me ship-shape and organised, I'm quite happy to take it as it comes on holiday. I think that's because I've had my most interesting adventures when I've left things open: like the time I ended up trekking in South Africa with a group of Irish naturists (I didn't join in!)
If you plan too much you might miss an opportunity (and I mean an exciting one, not a naked hikers one...) But with kids in tow there's got to be some planning or you're asking for trouble.

Is there anything you dislike about blogging? (being tagged for memes perhaps....)
I'm not watching as much telly, staying away from ebay and doing less random internet surfing which are all good things; but blogging is eating into the time when I'd usually knit or crochet or read, which I'm not so happy about.
And memes...well they are a kind of pleasure-pain thing, because on one hand they're a post-in-waiting, but on the other they can hang over you like homework. I am very good at putting things off.

Clare in Modern Family says "You can't have two fun parents, because that's a carnival". Are you the Fun Parent or the Responsible Parent?
I'm trying to be both at the moment, which is hard because the fun me doesn't get much of a look in. I have to be responsible to keep everything ticking along for the kids and that takes up most of my time. My husband is the fun one when he's here - and I'm ok with that.
The fun parent doesn't have to be consistent; the responsible parent does.

Now for my 11 bloggers:
(Apologies if I've tagged you twice this week!)

..and my 11 questions:

What word/phrase would you ban?

Ultimate comfort food?

Whose life would you like for a day?

Best ever bargain?

Worst ever holiday?

Lark or owl?

Most loved item in your wardrobe?

Beach or mountain?

Most annoying habit?

Favourite subject at school?

Top blogging tip?


  1. Thanks for tagging me, I'll have a go when I have 5 mins x

  2. thanks for tagging me! School fete tomorrow so it may take me a few days!

  3. Will get on with this soon :-) thank you.
    My daughter Imogen would like to be a marine biologist ? She was a little put of when she learnt about all the years of studying she'd need to do though lol xxx


  5. Done :-) took me a little longer than intended but I got there.
    I'm typing this whilest watching 'The Killing' which we also enjoy :-)xxx

  6. Great answers!
    My comfort book is also a Bill Bryson - A Walk In the Woods.
    My oldest possession is also my old teddy bear my grandmother gave me at birth. I tried to give it to my daughter but she gave it back because it's "too scratchy"!

  7. Done!