Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 226 - Art Attack

I joined an Art club a few months ago and I love it. Two solid hours to paint, draw and doodle with no distractions. Bliss.
It's also the only place I don't feel old. All the other club members have a few decades on me and the talk is mostly of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and doctor's appointments. They know my husband's in Afghanistan, and look out for me in a gentle, protective way. I like being the young one.

So at the last class I was trying out some new oil pastels and half listening to the head of the club who was chatting away, when the thing she was waving around caught my eye. Then I heard the word 'EXHIBITION'...
She had my full attention.

Turns out my Art club is holding an exhibition for nine days during Herefordshire Art week in september, when real, proper, professional artists show off their work around the county. This is exciting and totally terrifying. I paint because I enjoy it, I've never for a minute thought about exhibiting. Still, wouldn't it be a buzz..?
But I'm getting way a head of myself, because as it stands, I don't have any pictures. Not a single one. I tend to experiment during the session so nothing ever gets finished. The others all have time on their hands at home, and lots and lots of paintings.
I need eight.
So my plan is to keep it simple. I found this book and hope desperately that it might help (I like the style and there's not so much detail....)
Luckily I'm also an unswerving optimist.
Back to the exhibition chat, and it was getting serious: the talk had turned to publicity, rotas and refreshments. The mood changed.
NO ONE could agree how much to charge for cake.
Should a cup of tea be included in the price? Should a flapjack cost the same as a biscuit or a small bun? Then someone lobbed scones into the debate.....I saw a look of despair in the club leader's eyes: things were getting complicated.
Not quite as complicated as the discussion about how much to charge for out paintings. Yes, people can actually buy them. That's still sinking in.
I mean, how do you work out a price? I feel embarrassed thinking about it.
Quite a few of the members have exhibited before. The general feeling was you needed to get back the cost of your frame + a bit. But how much is a bit? I never really got an answer for that. My 'bit' is going to be very small.

Completely Quackers


  1. You have plenty of time to research other small exhibitions to see what pricing they are at. I wouldn't worry about that now.

    Is that your duck? Or is it from the book?

    1. You're right - shouldn't really be worrying about pricing when I've got no pictures! That's a good idea about researching other small or amateur exhibitions.

      The duck is mine - it's on a page of doodles and much smaller than it looks here :)

    2. That duck is so sweet. Seriously, its so simple and pretty and sort of pure. If you could recreate that idea you'd be onto a winner. Just how small is he? Are you comfortable painting other animals?

      How about a series of minature or small animal paintings. Fox, dormouse, owl, squirrel, hen, butterfly, ladybird? Small is good because it makes a nice gift for someone, without demanding a wall in their home. The only proper original painting i have is no more than postcard size, a landscape of Wicklow gorse. I love it, it lives in my bathroom.

      Are you allowed more than eight? So exciting, i wish i could paint.

    3. Thanks Bee! He is quite small, but I like doing animals so think I might try more. I've bought some small IKEA frames already, because someone sensibly suggested I should do the painting to fit the frame, rather than the other way round! Thanks for your encouraging words, means a lot x

  2. Well, hellooooo! I would actually buy that duck - I would certainly want to buy it, and the Husband would try to talk me out of it by asking where exactly I would hang it given that we have hardly any space left on the walls, but he's really lovely (the duck, I mean). Not that I am in any position to comment, but I would say that you are pretty good and deserve to get back 'a bit'.

    1. Wow thanks Recipe! I'll post the pictures when I've done them and if you like any, you're welcome to have one, free to friends !

    2. :-) I'll look forward to seeing them.

  3. Wow, not only a talented writer but a talented artist too :-)

    Love the duck, would love to see more of your paintings.

    I saw an art class advertised in our local paper I hoped to get to but didn't. I used to enjoy losing hours in sketching and painting.

    Hope the exhibition goes well xxx

    1. Thanks so much Jo. I do find it relaxing, though not feeling that relaxed about's going to be a challenge ! x

  4. Oooh how great that you paint! I agree the duck is fab, I would buy it too. I would love to have a couple of hours painting, it's one of my favourite things to do but I just don't seem to make time for it these days. Good luck with the exhibition! x