Monday, 7 May 2012

Magpie Monday - It's all about me (mostly)... isn't usually! Not when it comes to clothes anyway - normally it's the kids who do well. But I made a beeline for this stripy Monsoon jumper in a local charity shop. It shone like a wooly beacon of brightness in the damp grey gloom: colour and comfort - just what I feel like at the moment.
Monsoon jumper

The Laura Ashley skirt might be, ahem, a touch on the small side. But the optimist in me thought it was worth a shot at £3 (same at the jumper) and I'm a sucker for needle cord.

Laura Ashley cord skirt

Oh I do think it's special when you spot something you recognise. I felt a wave of nostalgia when I saw this butter dish nestled on a shelf in the shop.

Kalabar Palissy butter dish
We had a set of 'Kalabar' Palissy ware when we were growing up and I remember it so well. A real blast from the past and an extra special find because my mum was with me. I'm sure the other people in the shop must have thought we were bonkers getting so excited over a £1.50 butter dish. Orange and mustard brown patterns often make me think of my childhood.

And this World Cup soccer game from the mid 80's is nearly as old as the dish. I can't resist vintage toys....especially vintage toys in tatty boxes.

Playwell World Cup Soccer Game
.....think of all those footie mad boys who've played with this over the years, and it was £2 which seemed ok to me. My 9 year old loves football to distraction....hopefully enough distraction to overlook the yellowing plastic! Can't wait to give it to him.

Not a bad haul this week - but my magpie mum was staying with me, and we did traipse around pretty much every charity shop in Hereford...

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Me and My Shadow


  1. Ahh that colourful jumper gladdens the heart doesn't it?

    Smiling about the butter dish, we didn't have that pattern, but I know exactly what you mean about the nostalgic orange & browns :0)

  2. Great finds. That skirt is terrific. I recently spotted the type of bedding my sister and I had when we were very young. It was too tattered to buy, but I showed it to my girls, and they were almost as excited as I was.

  3. That jumper is great - so bright and colourful. I know what you mean about orange and brown, our lounge had orange curtains, orange suite and a lovely orange, green and brown carpet....

  4. What was going on with those colours? But I do feel quite sentimental about them now - funny, isn't it :)

  5. I love the vintage game, I'm a sucker for vintage games too - my magpie monday is a vintage scrabble game this week :)

  6. Oh, I'll go take a look! The old ones have much more character I think. Not easy to find anymore - so always exciting when you do.

  7. Lovely butter dish! And I like the jumper and skirt too.

  8. Thank you! Need to cut out the butter so I can fit into the skirt....

  9. wow you did so well! worth all the traipsing!