Monday, 14 May 2012

Magpie Monday - Going, going....gone

I love a good auction. I love the anticipation on viewing days, the build up of slightly nervous excitement and the bidding buzz - though I try to keep a lid on the bidding - don't want anymore expensive mistakes....
Now by some happy coincidence, we live practically next door to a fantastic Auction House....and there isn't a single room in the house that doesn't have something in it from there. This is a recent favourite fishy find.

Auction viewing day
When the kids were tiny and my husband was weekly commuting, I used to sneak off to the auction on my own on a saturday for a few hours. Not everyone's idea of a treat maybe, but it was so busy and different from my day-in-day-out life. And there's a little cafe there that sells the best ever bacon rolls. 
Quite often I'd find one of the comfy chairs you can see in the middle of saleroom and shut my eyes, lulled to sleep by the auctioneer calling out the lots.

But no sitting in comfy seats anymore. I'm on my own, and saturday mornings are filled with ballet and football. So I have to leave commission bids, which is definitely not as buzzy. Still, on saturday I left bids on two small lots and won both of them.
I've been looking for something to put in my daughter's room to house her growing hoard of stuff. This bookcase is perfect, and cost just over eleven pounds with commission. It didn't take very long to fill....

I seriously don't need any more small side tables, but couldn't resist leaving a bid on this one. I got it for eight pounds in the end.

It is a little shabby, but I love the 50's style paintings. There are a lot of windmills going on...maybe it's from Holland? Or is that too obvious.

The little table got even more interesting when I was giving it a clean at home, and found a winding key and a musical box at the back. 

Sadly it's not working properly anymore - once apon a time it would have played when you opened the little drawer at the front. I can get it to play one or two random notes, but not enough to name the tune. Wouldn't it be lovely to get it working again? 

I'm linking up with Magpie Monday. Why not pop over and check out some more lovely second-hand treasures.

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  1. Lovely, my mum used to take me to auctions when I was younger. I should make time for those things myself. Great little finds you have there x

  2. Thanks MummaG - it's definitely worth it. I picked up a gorgeous double bed frame once for £4 and three old pine doors for a tenner - couldn't believe it! x

  3. Wow I've never bid in an auction, would love to though. This Dutch table is fascinating. It must be Dutch right? Love the idea of the musical draw, so sweet.

  4. You must, must go! - you never know what you're going to find at an auction. They are pretty addictive though :)

  5. I've never bought anything at a real auction either - I'm tyoo worried that I'll end up bidding £3 million for something that I don't really want because I get all caught up in it. I manage on ebay being really strict with myself - I think I might get carried away if I went in person... But I love the table - I wonder if you could get the musxical drawer workin again?

  6. It's easy to get caught up in the moment, as I've learnt to my cost.....ended up buying a table with different length legs for a silly amount of money. I'm much more careful now! The bids go up so quickly - one minute going up in 2's, the next in 5's...god, I've just thought, I'm probably putting you off - don't want to do that! You just have to set a limit and stick to it, like ebay.
    I am really fond of the table - not sure if I can get the music box to work again, but worth a try x

  7. Auction's are the best! Love the buzz of it.

    You've got a great eye.

    1. Thank you :)
      I always look forward to going - feel so lucky to have one so close!