Thursday, 24 May 2012

Listography - Top 5 things I love about kids

So therapeutic to have happy thoughts about children, after a week of parties, screaming, presents, more screaming and a small cake-overload-sick-episode. 
Two of mine have just had birthdays very close together, and thinking about Kate's great listography theme has helped restore some sense of calm....
So here are my five:

I love the way kids....

live in the moment: No dwelling on what happened last week or worrying/thinking about something that hasn't happened yet (unless it involves presents) - for children it's the day, the hour the minute they're in that matters. I waste so much time going over and over things I've done that I can't change, and if I'm not doing that, I'm focused on what's happening next. Ok, there's got to be some forward planning or the wheels come off, but wouldn't it be great to spend more time like the kids, enjoying the moment, rather than wishing it away?

adapt: Children can be incredibly good at coping with change. I think we often underestimate how good they are at it. I've worried myself sick about how the kids will deal with a move or a new school, but they seem to take it in their stride. Change can get harder as they get older and question things more, but mine still amaze me: their dad is away for months on end and they just get on with it. I'm so proud of them.

...are endlessly enthusiastic: How is it possible to be that enthusiastic about school dinners, playing football in the rain, sparkly shoes, collecting eggs or stodge pudding for tea?  They find the greatest pleasure in the simplest things: their enthusiasm is infectious, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Even at fever-pitch party levels.  Of course there are plenty of things they're not enthusiastic about, like homework, washing, listening...

build dens: They spring up all over our house, usually in really awkward places, like behind the kitchen door or in front of the telly. But this is where the magic happens; where their imagination runs wild.  Whether it's a cave, a castle, a spy's hideout, or in this case, a secret present bunker - there's no limit to the worlds they make up. And obviously what's sneaked into a den instantly becomes invisible to grown-ups - though a sprinkling of crumbs and the odd wrapper are always a bit of a giveaway. Kids are useless at hiding the evidence.

leave you lost for words: Whether it's something they say,
" babies have clothes on when they come out of your tummy?"
or things they do...

They have an amazing ability to surprise you, disarm you, leave you speechless when you're least expecting it. One of the greatest joys of children is you never know what's coming next.

What do you love most about kids?
Lots of fab top fives over at Kate's 



  1. yep yep and yep - have been thinking about this listography, but mine are annoying me at th emoment. Perhaps if I did the list, I would get over the annoyance!

  2. It could help!
    Not had a great day either though - kids went a bit crazy and I've been short-tempered...have decided to blame it on the hot weather :)

  3. Such a lovely post xxx