Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 167 - Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear....

I've been in a disorganised fuzz since he went back to Afghanistan. I clicked into single married mum mode pretty quickly, but I'm playing catch up with my admin: always seem to be a step behind. For some reason I hadn't sorted anything out for the bank holiday weekend - it kind of crept up on me. I'd only thought as far as my mum coming to stay: when she left I realised there were an uncomfortable number of empty spaces on my calendar....need to start looking ahead again.
My weekend was a self-fulfilling prophecy: the kids went into meltdown on saturday afternoon. I don't know why they were worse than usual, but the constant bickering and fighting made my head hurt - so I pushed them all outside. Unfortunately being out in the open didn't cast its usual calming magic, because this is what happens when it rains and you neglect your garden...
nice view...
I wasn't sure where to start - everything has sprouted in the wet, and the grass...well I tried the lawnmower again. Twenty frustrating minutes of tugging the cord, and nothing. Not a single, hopeful chug. And no helpful man in the churchyard beside us this time. I am reasonably strong, but I'm convinced I'd need the upper body strength of a competitive swimmer to start our mower.
The only place where there's any semblance of order is in the little veg patch my mum worked on when she was staying last week. The white mesh things on top are to stop Humbug thinking we've made her a luxury-size litter tray. 
no cats allowed
So I did a bit here and a bit there and achieved nothing. I need to have a proper go at the garden when the kids are back at school and I can concentrate.

The next morning, in the hope of avoiding a deja vu day, I bundled them into the car and off we went. ALL the bank holiday events we tried were cancelled or postponed because the venues were waterlogged (should have checked - admin again) I knew there was a Medieval Fayre going on, but it was miles away. And do you know what? I just couldn't face it. So we ended up in a........Garden Centre. Yay! The highlight of the trip was trying out an electronic shiatsu back massager chair (you never know what you're going to find at a garden centre these days) 
The kids thought it was hilarious - I was thinking it could be my weekend chair.


  1. Hi, just playing catch up again on my blog reading, as always have loved catching up with your blog.
    Enjoyed a coffee & a good read of your blog this morning, so nice because I don't have any papers or magazines in but I knew I'd get a good read here :-)
    I like hanging around garden centers on bank hol weekends, might not be everyones idea of fun but I see them as a free day out ! :-)xx

  2. Thanks Jo - lovely, as always to hear from you :) I could spend ages in a garden centre, but don't often get more than 30 mins with kids in tow. The cafes are usually pretty good though, so sometimes bribe them with cake!xx

  3. I often use the garden centre as a distraction from my own untamed garden, my poor garden only gets looked after when my mum's over on holiday. If it were up to me my garden would be paved over *hangs head in shame. Good on you for giving it a go x

  4. Thank goodness for visiting mums! I do love the garden, but I'm not on top of it at the mo - and the lawnmower is driving me mad x