Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 157 - Magpie Monday

Finding Missielizzie's Magpie Monday felt a bit like uncovering a little gem, tucked away in a charity shop or at a car boot: a heart-beating-ever-so-slightly-faster moment - because I love looking for bargains and second-hand treasures. Especially vintage toys and bright, bold china. It's definitely the thrill of the find. So huge excitement last week when we were on holiday in France and I spotted this old toy kitchen at a street sale.

1970's Comme Maman kitchen

We walked passed it once because the owner wanted 15 euros, and as my very reasonable husband pointed out, I didn't need a small, rusty, tin kitchen. But he had that resigned look in his eye, because he knew he was wasting his breath. It had to be mine. I went back and got it for 10. Probably not the best bargain ever, but I think it's pretty special.  I'm sure the seller thought the kitchen was for my daughter, and I wasn't about to tell him any different....
It isn't in the best condition, but still has a plug in the sink and a spinner that goes round in the washing machine.  The kitchen was made by Comme Maman in the 70's, and I haven't been able to find out much more.
I knew exactly where I was going to put it though.

My kitchen in my kitchen...
...and I do let my daughter play with it. Honest!

I found this little milk jug for 50p at our local car boot when we got back.

J&G Meakin Topic jug

Couldn't believe it when I realised it's from the exact same J&G Meakin range as Minibreak Mummy's gorgeous tureen. Simple 60's designs like this always catch my eye.
Time for another collection?

There are lots of fabulous finds at Magpie Monday - why not pop over and have a rummage.


  1. I really love your mini kitchen! It is really special and well worth 15€ in my opinion.

    And of course that milk jug is just my kind of thing too.

    I will share a link to this blogpost on twitter and facebook :-)

    1. Thank you! That's really kind.
      I adore the kitchen - and I'm going to see if I can find out a bit more about Comme Maman.

      Look forward to seeing what other treasures you find!

  2. Oh my god ! I am SO jealous, I genuinely am. I love it.
    I love trawling the net (shops would be preferable but I don't get out much) for vintage and antique items. Usually ceramics (as my house is small too...infact I've come to the conclusion I was not born in to the right lifestyle that I would like to be accustomed to lol). I think that mini kitchen is just a thing of beauty though.
    My Dad has a house full of 60's bits and bobs and ceramics etc I try to pinch but he still uses them (won't part with anything lol).

    I bought a very sweet biscuit barrel from Etsy (vintage) just like my gran had last week. Excitedly waiting for it to arrive now :-)

  3. There's something about the colours, patterns and design of 60s/70s things that I just love! The kitchen has a lot of detail that you wouldn't find on toys these days. I imagine it used to have little saucepans and bits like that, and you can put water in the sink for a little washing up! Must have been gorgeous.
    Would love to see your biscuit barrel - maybe you could post a photo when you get it x

  4. The little kitchen is sooooo cute! I am a total sucker for little stuff and would not have been able to leave this behind either. Love it on your benchtop!
    And, the milk jug is adorable. I haven't been charity shopping for ages - you've inspired me.

  5. Can't resist little things! I have a growing collection of 90's polly pockets. My daughter loves them nearly as much as me :-)

  6. i LOVE that little kitchen!! it's brilliant. i would have wanted that too. Lovely jug also. B

  7. Thanks Becca - I'm so glad I bought it!

  8. That little kitchen is darling! I've never seen one quite like it. I have a hard time passing up vintage toys.

    1. Oh me too Sharon! They are few and far between these days - so I find it VERY hard to walk on by.

  9. I love the kitchen and especially the wallpaper. Enjoy and if you stumble on another, let me know.

  10. The pattern is gorgeous, isn't it. I am definitely going to keep an eye out for more Comme Mamman stuff!

  11. Oh wow!! Welcome to Magpie Monday!

    I adore that little kitchen, so so sweet.

    Is it just me, or is there something even more exciting about finding gems on foreign soil?!

  12. I think you're right! It does make it a bit more long as you can fit your foreign find in a suitcase..
    And thank you for your welcome - I'm very glad I found you!

  13. That kitchen is fantastic! From the first photo I thought it was a big one that would go in a cubby house - there is so much detail in it. I got such a surprise when I saw it sitting on your kitchen bench!

  14. I actually saw designs similar to this in Fenwicks. I can't remember the name of the designer. Anyway, if you visit Fenwicks, take a look.