Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 149 - 5 Brits in a Boulangerie

Back home from France with a bump, and a suitcase full of clothes smelling of camembert. 
For some daft reason I've just looked up how much butter there is in a croissant.....
Not sure why I'm feeling so indignant about it, seeing as I've just eaten my own bodyweight in cheese.  French food is too tempting and I have no willpower.  
Even the supermarket shop was a pleasure. So much to look at....though my fascination at the huge array of different yogurts was not shared by the rest of the family.
But one treat we all enjoyed was the first trip to the Boulangerie.  It's not really a chore is it? Not the same as popping round to the corner shop when you've run out of bread.  We were all like kids in a sweet shop; gazing at the shelves of sweet patisseries, tartes and gateaux. Little works of art.  Must be easy to spot the new Brits in town - getting excited over something the french do every day.

Apart from deciding what to eat, our holiday was relaxing and uncomplicated: one suitcase, no telly, lots of felt tips and paper and a pack of cards. Even my car hire anxiety faded; and the shiny silver peugeot went back in one piece.

Spring is such a lovely time of year to visit France - before the tourist season really kicks in. We were staying south of Bergerac in the Lot et Garonne.  The rolling countryside is beautiful here - there were fields all around us and it was so peaceful.  

A few mornings I sat outside with my cup of tea, watching the wind chasing through the long grass, then disappearing into perfectly ploughed fields that stretched far into the distance. I could just about see a glimmer of green in the neat furrows - first signs of the sunflowers. Now that will be a truly wonderful sight.

There was quite a chill in the air, but it didn't matter much - a great excuse for family games around the kitchen table and wine and cheese in front of a fire. Lots of happy thoughts to keep me going over the next four months.

His leave has gone so quickly: just have to make sure the noise of the clock ticking doesn't drown out the last few days. And we've got a serious amount of cheese to get through.


  1. you've summed up a lovely holiday so well - I love that eary morning cup of tea on holiday feeling... we're heading to france in the summer - can't wait

  2. Oh, it was lovely..and already feels like a long time ago. I love France, and I'm hatching a plan to go back in the summer holidays with the kids