Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 140 - Letting go (for a bit)

Oh, it's good to have him home!  Thing is, all I want to do now is sleeeeeep.....
I've been holding on so tight for months - it's such a relief to be able to let go for two weeks. I just want to slink off to a quiet corner and shut my eyes. He's not taking it personally because that's what he wants to do too. 
As I thought, any semblance of a routine went up in a puff of smoke on friday. But it's the holidays; and it doesn't matter as much as I imagined.   At the moment.

It does take a while for us to get into the swing of things. We both have to adjust to being a team again; and he has to get back into dad mode too.
The first test was trying to stop our youngest son 'over-thinking' the Easter Bunny. 
Now, he had heard rumours in the school playground; but not enough to stop him getting into a complete state about an extremely large rabbit, stealing into this bedroom in the dead of night.  There was no way he was going to sleep - in the end we had to tell him the rumours were true.  
The fear has gone...and so has another little bit of magic.

We've kept it simple since he got back a few days ago - no big plans; just family time.  
Keeping it simple can give you the space to appreciate things more.
We went for a walk from the house, down to a small stream at the bottom of a field. On the way we passed a peaceful old wood: the ground was covered in a blanket of white anemone blanda. 
anemone blanda white

Beautiful.  More beautiful if the sun had been shining, when they open up and look a bit like daisies with golden yellow centres.

I stopped to take this photo while the kids ran on with their dad - and then heard lots of splashing and yelling...
The boys were having a lovely time in the their trainers.
Handing over the reins has its drawbacks....  


  1. Have a lovely two weeks :)
    Wet trainers and all!

    1. Now on holiday - it's raining and everything's wet! :-)

  2. It sounds like a lovely time was had by all. Mucky trainers, or not!

    It's nice to keep it simple sometimes isn't it. I am often having to remind myself to enjoy today.

    1. It's so easy to get caught up in the rush - sometimes harder than it sounds to take time out x

  3. so so pleased he got home safely and you can spend all that lovely time together. I know what you mean about wanting to sleep - the stress is exhausting when they're away.

    Talking about the Easter bunny, Pink (nearly 6) asked me (Blue had whispered to her)and the shadow that fell across her face as she contemplated the thought that what her big brother had told her might have been true was too much. In the end I bottled it and just said that she could believe whatever she wanted to. I read an article in the paper not long ago about how no one records 'the last' of things - I suspect that this is the last Easter that the bunny rules, and I also suspect we have had our last Father Christmas Christmas...

  4. It is sad isn't it... My eldest is nearly ten and knows the score - have to say he's been really good about not giving it away to the others x