Friday, 16 March 2012

Listography - 5 favourite cookbooks

Couldn't believe it!  Lists and cookbooks - two of my top-top things.  I was just itching to join in when I read Kate Takes 5's Listography challenge this week. Wish I'd found it sooner! There's something deeply compelling about writing and reading lists.  So compelling I've overcome my linky fear and taken the plunge...

       1. One Year at Books for Cooks (no.2)
I'm ashamed to admit the lack of foodie photos in this one put me off reading it for years!  Can't tell you how glad I was when I did.  Tomato and sweet pepper marmalade tart, penne in spicy sausage sauce, red onion tarte tatin, rhubarb crumble cake - every recipe's a winner.  Hardly surprising I suppose, as they were all hand-picked from the year's top cookbooks by the team at Books for Cooks in London.
I was given it by an old boyfriend's sister who worked there.  The only good thing to come out of that relationship!

         2. Delia Smith's Complete Cooking Course
The big old, sensible book that seems to have an answer for (almost) everything.  
For some reason it just falls open at the baking section....and the pavlova pages are stuck together with eggy glue.

        3. Mary Berry one step ahead
Mary Berry's books have been selling like hot cakes since her appearance on The Great British Bake Off.  I've got quite a few of them, and chose this one because it has never let me down and there's nothing like being prepared!  I can't even begin to count the number of times I've made her aubergine and lentil curry.....or the lemon fudge cake.

       4. the bay tree book by Sue Farmer
This reminds me of home in Northern Ireland.  The Bay Tree cafe in Holywood is a little gem - happy memories and glorious, tasty homemade food.
         5. Delia Smith's One is Fun
My dad thought this was hilarious when he gave it to me for christmas years ago.  I was very single at the time and didn't think it was at all amusing.  But have to admit it has some good, quick recipes and it's great for portion control! 
And who knew all these years later I would be cooking for one again? It's still not fun though Delia...
So that's my lot.  It was hard keeping it to 5!  
Why not pop over to Kate's and check out some of the other lists? 


  1. hello - I enjoyed your list and it made me feel the fear and do my first blog hop anyway... By the way, I really LOVED your 2 minute silence post the other day. So moving.

  2. Thanks so much!
    Took a while for me to pluck up the courage to link up - just so terrified of doing something wrong! x

  3. Interesting books...have never seen the 1st one but sounds great, will have to look out for it!

  4. Well worth it - although embarrassed to admit how old it is! (early 90's, I think) Imagine they still put one together every year? I will investigate...