Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day 131 - A Very Bad Habit

Everything got a bit out of sync today.
We had the usual saturday morning craziness (where did the weekend go? know - a bit shouty and manic,

"Have you got your football boots?"

'Where's your top?...GO  AND  GET  ONE   NOW!"

Then driving a little too fast to ballet, listening to 'My Naughty Little Sister'....again. 
Jan Francis's voice is starting to get on my nerves.

But there was no ballet.  I should have checked.
You see we didn't make it to the class last week, because my ballerina tripped and fell head first into the kitchen table.  
It was horrible. There was quite a lot of blood and she screamed a scream that made my whole body tense up...then my legs went all wobbly, like jelly.  
Poor little love.  I'm not great with blood and having the eldest, my drama queen worry bean, winding himself up into a frenzy, probably didn't help.  
It's times like this when I really miss their dad.  He's so calm in a crisis.  I suppose he wouldn't be much good at his job if he wasn't.

Thankfully by the time we got to A&E she was much better and the cut was a lot smaller than I'd thought.  So she had a few butterfly strips put over it and got lots of attention at school during the week, which she loved...a little too much.

Anyway, back to today's story - no ballet meant we were early for football.
I am usually late for everything.
Boy, was my footballer excited,  "Mum, we have NEVER  been early before!" he yelled (too loud for my liking) as he sped off for a kick about with the other earlybirds, who looked quite surprised to see him.

...a tiny bit of guilt started to creep in.

Next stop was the village playground for a party. There wasn't a soul there.  We were early again.
"Are we the first?........WE ARE!  I've ALWAYS wanted to be the first!  Thank you SO MUCH mummy!"

That was it.  In the space of a morning, my kids had had a new experience and I'd been reminded how completely and utterly useless I am at being on time.
I did clock a few raised eyebrows as I drove home passed friends on their way to drop off at the party.
They looked confused.


  1. Oh my this is absolutely hilarious! It's funny how just one thing off the schedule makes everything else fit more easily. Hmm. wonder if there's an idea there somewhere. Love the profile pic.

    1. ...did try setting my watch 10 mins fast, but ended up factoring this in, so no good at all!

  2. Replies
    1. It's probably wrong, I know - but that makes me feel a lot better!!

  3. I'm one of those annoying 'on time' people, I'm afraid. Just like my mum - she reckons she's read somewhere that whether you're an on time person or a late person is genetic - what do you think? The problem with being an on timer though is that when things go wrong for me, I end up being late - and I never get thanked for that... Glad your ballerina is OK.

    1. You know, it could be genetic, because most of my family are hopeless at being on time - which drives my husband mad! He's much more like you.
      Ballerina may have a tiny little scar, but could have been a lot worse.

  4. Haha. Being early is overrated.

  5. It was good for a change...but doubt I'll be making a habit of it ; )

  6. This is so funny - and it could have been me! Then when my children started KS2 and I no longer had to wait with them until the bell rang I suddenly discovered I could be early. It caused massive confusion in the other Mum's, the ones who saw me driving away panicked thinking they were late, the ones who didn't see me figured I was later than ever! We're now 2 terms later and most mornings I drop the children off 10 minutes before the bell rings. 8:40 is the new "on-time", 8:50 (school opens) is considered late! It was hard but you can do it when the time/reason is right. I get to work 15 minutes earlier which means I get 45 minutes for lunch instead of 30 - time to eat my lunch and go for a walk.