Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day 129 - The Gallery: Extreme Close Up

Getting up close changes what you first see and think.
It can give a different impression of something ordinary.

The pattern and colour of this feather really caught my eye. The way it blends from soft to darker golden tones and then to that amazing iridescent pinky purple; catching the light so perfectly - like strands of silk.

I only discovered The Gallery recently, but feel it's already made me look around and see things I wouldn't normally take much notice of. I guess the sunshine also helps to lift the blinkers off.

Walking near home, I'm more aware of the shiny little beetles scuttling across the lane and the vibrant colours in the hedgerows.  
That's where I found this pheasant feather (try repeating that a few times)  
Such beautiful birds, but not blessed in the brains department.  
I often see little groups of them by the edge of the road about now.  It's always a worrying moment, because 6 out of 10 times one will get it wrong and dart straight out in front of the car (like a mad game of chicken) or set off, weaving down the road straight ahead of me, ignoring hedgerow safety. 
Silly, beautiful birds with a death wish. 
Do hope the feather was the only thing this pheasant lost.

There are lots of amazing close-ups at The Gallery - do pop along and have a gander...


  1. Gorgeous, I love that. It looks like it would make a great repeat pattern
    In a rich fabric!


    1. Thanks, you really notice the pattern up close - and I hadn't realised the edges were that pinky purple colour!