Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day 127 The Gallery - Colour

I have colour on my mind...and a bit on my hands.....and in my hair.  
I've never been a tidy painter, but felt like freshening things up before he gets back for his first break.  Not that he's likely to notice...  
Just 11 days to go now - and I'm starting to let myself think about it.

I'm painting my son's room.  Blue, so not very original.  Then I found The Gallery and saw that colour was the theme this week.....and there I was, surrounded by tins of paint.  
But I wasn't thinking about the new colour, I was thinking about the old one.  
The colour of every army quarter I've ever lived in.
Safe and inoffensive.   
We were allowed to change it, as long as we painted it back...to magnolia.  
So it doesn't inspire me or fill me with joy at all, which is why I'm going blue.  
And yet there are few things I love more at this time of year than seeing a magnolia tree bursting into bloom. There is nothing dull or 'run of the mill' about that. How could you not be inspired by something so beautiful?    

           Magnolia!  Magnolia!
            Such a worn out paint colour,
            which is a shame
            because you see
             it is a 'drop
             dead gorgeous' tree.


There are loads of fantastic photos celebrating colour at The Gallery - definitely worth a look!


  1. We walk past some beautiful Magnolia tree's on the way to school, they are gorgeous :-)

  2. Aren't they....just a shame they're in flower for such a short time. Glorious to see them with the sun shining x

  3. Magnolia's are beautiful aren't they? And, the photos are superb! Oh, that sky!
    The paint colour is just blah.

    1. Blah is a great word for it! Such a nondescript colour but such a magical tree x

  4. Are you in quarters? I spent 3 years looking at magnolia walls, which was standard issue then, before we ditched the patch. I do hope your hubbie gets back safely - I remember that 'daring to think about R&R' feeling. X

    1. Thank you - really can't wait.
      Not in quarters any more, so have left the magnolia walls behind....a part from the one room here which I'm half way through painting. Forgotten how long it takes! x

  5. I love magnolia trees, fantastic photos - with an amazing blue sky in the background to match your blue walls as well! I visited today via The Gallery

    1. Thanks so much - the brilliant weather helped a lot!

    2. I too am a great Magnolia fan and always admire how stunning they are at this time of year....my husband on the other hand waged a single handed battle against one at our last home as the petals fell off and became mulch. He seemed to take it as a personnal affront that they no longer stayed perfect on the tree.....enjoy the moment springs to mind!!