Friday, 9 March 2012

Day 110 - Crochet catch-up and something fishy...

I'm motoring on with my granny squares now.  I picked up speed when I worked out how to crochet without having to stop all the time to pull the yarn over the hook with my fingers!  There's nearly always some wool in my bag and I reckon I can do about one and a bit during my son's piano lesson. Feeling quite pleased about that.
Only problem is the grannies have grown as my crocheting has loosened up - so very annoyingly I've had to put the smaller, earlier attempts away for another day. I'm dreading sewing them together. If anyone has any tips I'd be very grateful! My sister suggested pressing the squares first to make them a more uniform shape.  Anyway, I've still got a long way to go before it's anywhere close to being blanket size.

There are a few dodgy ones.  So no more crocheting while trying to follow subtitled Danish dramas. I either miss a stitch or miss the point. 

The last time he went on a 6 month tour I was going through a mosaic phase and made this mirror.

So satisfying!  Like making up your own puzzle. Mosaicing can be tricky though, with little shards of glass tiles pinging around the place. Not the best with kids around. Ideally you need a child-free zone and a decent amount of space.

I did this outside mosaic when he was away too. The smooth, soft coloured stones came from many trips to a favourite beach in Northern Ireland. 

Did I say I've got a bit of a thing about fish?.....


  1. Love the blanket-to-be. Inspires me to get working on mine again (5 squares does not a blanket make!:D)

  2. Thank you! Just have to keep going now, so it doesn't end up in a bag with the half finished jumper and headless knitted teddy.

  3. totally love love love the fishy path! The blanket is going to be stunning - your colours are delicious! a quick wash and stretch to the same size will sort the irregularity of the squares out - let them dry flat.

  4. Thanks so much - really appreciate the advice x