Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 102 - HUMBUG! Cat in a box

I've added an important member of the family to my photo.  To be honest, the only reason she's been missing is any cat figure I found on my first rummage through the toys, looked big enough to eat the Fisher Price people.  

So the stripy Playmobil cat is Humbug.  Or Humbly bumbly. Not 'Handbag' as the owner of the Cattery (luxury heated chalets with garden views) called her.  Although she let slip that one of her regulars, Richard Hammond had a cat called Handbag.  Doesn't quite fit with the 'Top Gear' image, does it? 
Always good to know my cat has more chance of meeting a celebrity than me.

Humbug is a very friendly cat, which is lucky, because in her first month with us, I spent more on her than I did on the children.  I had completely forgotten how much a trip to the vet costs!  
We all love having her around: she laps up attention, prefers company and never slinks off when friends call by.  If I sit down for a second, Humbly's instantly on my knee like a velcro ball of cat fluff.

She's inquisitive, of course.  
What is it about cats and boxes?!

She's also a serious mouser, which is no bad thing around here. Since Humbug joined the family there's been a lot less scuttling about under the floorboards. The downside is she is always bringing home little 'presents'.  So the kids have to watch their step in the morning. The path outside the front door can look a bit like a gruesome obstacle course.  
Tricky when we're rushing for the school bus...


  1. Aww she's lovely.
    My Mum had a cat called Dumpling, he was a lovely old big black fluffy cat, he to was always bringing her present's (in the form of dead mice) lovely lol :-)x

  2. We decided not to put a cat flap in. Soooo glad now, after seeing what she leaves outside the door!! x

  3. I think the way to be less horrified with the presents is to think of them in the sense that your lovely cat has brought you something she thought you would like!

    A lovely new addition, she's gorgeous.

  4. Thank you - she is a sweetie and judging by the number of presents, think she must really be trying to impress us!