Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 89 - Here, there and everywhere!

I'm not keen on flying, but I have to say,
it's much easier than going the other way!
Last time we drove and took the ferry,
I was stressed and tired and the M6 was scary.

Back to our flight and the children were excited,
they were good as gold, so I was delighted.
When we landed in Belfast we hired a car,
the kids said it was better than our car by far.
The shiny black Polo might be quite a test,
my track-record with hire cars has not been the best!

I went to the hospital to see my dad,
He's had an operation but isn't doing too bad.
He's feeling quite glum, which is no surprise,
the doctor says the key is exercise.

We talked about family because he was keen,
then dad gave me his pj's that needed a clean, 
I took them as I hadn't the heart to say,
there wasn't much point me taking them away.

I should have known better, but it was too late,
it was the start of PYJAMA-GATE!
My stepmother hunted me down like her prey,
I was ordered to return them without delay.
Who would have thought she'd go bananas,
over a pair of old pyjamas!!

I've travelled near, I've travelled far,
I've spent a lot of time in the car.
I've seen my sisters, stayed with my mum,
the kids played with their cousins and had lots of fun.
The boys went on a sleepover and stayed up too late,
the next day the eldest fell asleep on his plate....

...That was at the in-laws where the food kept on coming,
(I really need to do more running)

We had pate, melon and smoked salmon,
crisps, corn fritters and some gammon,
chicken maryland with cheese,
a culinary trip through the seventies!
Then trifle, meringues and grapes by the bunch,

we were only there for lunch!

I'm packing now, our time almost past,
the last five days have gone so fast.

It was great seeing dad; I enjoyed being a guest,
but I'm definitely going home for a rest!


  1. Love this, you are so talented ! Made me laugh but is beautifully written. Sounds a bit like you paid my house a visit lol, my culinary delights are often like a trip through the 70's and I always put out enough food out to feed a small army, even if it's just for 2 extra guests. Hope you get to put your feet up for a bit now, sounds like a very lovely but busy time :-)

  2. Thanks you! Thought it might be the best way to sum everything up - so many things going on! Good to be home though x