Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 82 - Spreading some Liebster love....

How lovely to get a virtual pat on the back, especially when there's no one around to give me a real one!  So big virtual hugs right back at you, Jo from thoughtsfromthekitchensink  !  She's very kindly sent a Liebster Blog award my way and I'm really touched.

Although I've not been blogging for long, I feel like I know Jo.  She has a lot on her plate and a house full of kids, but her posts are always calm and honest and a great read.  Go on and see for yourself!  I just don't know how she fits everything into her day.

Must admit as a new blogger I did have to do a bit of digging to find out more about the award, but anything that helps spread some virtual love sounds good to me!  According to the rules I must nominate five other blogs I enjoy that have 200 followers or less (it's hard to tell with Wordpress!).  This worries me slightly, as some of the ones I'm putting forward probably don't know me at all!  But here goes anyway,

Pearls of wisdom from The Undercover Granny.  Her posts often leave me thinking long after I've read them.  And she's so young!  I am going to be about 105 when I eventually become a granny and no use to anyone.

Low Impact Parenting:  Catherine is dedicated to finding a greener and more ethical path for her family.  Her blog is always thoughtful and informative.

Facing up to things:  Ali's often moving account of getting on with life after cancer treatment.  Her dignity and strength shine through her writing.

The Perfect Bad Mummy  makes me smile!  I love her stories about her two little boys.  Reminds me of mine before they got big and grumpy and started ticking me off!

I have an unhealthy obsession with Sally Nencini's gorgeous knitted cushions!  I've also enjoyed watching her business grow.  She is seriously talented.  And she's my sister.

So please go forth and radiate some blogging love!