Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 61 - Keeping up appearances?

"Why don't you ever brush your hair mummy?"

"....Oh sweetheart,  of course I brush my hair!"

The truth is she's hit a nerve.  My hair often doesn't see one bristle of a brush all day long...

I'm getting a wake up call from my 4 year old daughter and it doesn't feel good. 

There's no hiding from the fact that things are beginning to slip. I opened the door to the plumber the other day wearing two chunky fair isle jumpers, baggy three-quarter length leggings and zip-up orthopaedic looking slippers.  The worst part is I knew he was coming!

My appearance has been going down hill since my Other Half went away in November. To be honest, it wasn't anywhere near the top of the hill to start with...

1) How many times a day would you say you look in a mirror?

a) At every available opportunity

b) Regularly to check hair/makeup

c) only when washing teeth

2) How many pairs of shoes do you have?

a) Too many to count

b) More than your Other Half knows about

c) Still in single figures including gardening clogs

3) Do you wear makeup to go out during the day?

a) Always

b) Most of the time, a little mascara/lippy/blusher

c) Almost never - and some of your makeup could be classed as 'vintage'

4) When did you last get your hair cut?

a) 2012

b) 2011

c) 2010

If anyone apart from me answered c to all those - we need to talk!  I'd like to believe if I worked away from home I would make more effort.  When I'm here on my own or with the kids why bother?

I have a theory that makes me feel fractionally better about being a scruffy mare.  I think when time is an issue we naturally choose between self or surroundings.  Becoming a mum pushes both to the bottom of the list.  Often we do a little of each to keep things ticking along.  But which one helps you cope and makes you feel better?

For me it's my surroundings - if my home is tidy and sorted I feel calm - it has a much more positive effect on me than looking good.  If the house gets out of control, so do I!  

I have great friends who are the opposite.  Living in chaos doesn't phase them, but dropping a hair/nail/bikini wax appointment definitely would. 

I don't have the excuse of small babies anymore - and although, truthfully, there are other things I'd rather do, I know it's time to try and turn the tide of neglect! 

So I'm getting my hair cut, the weight-training is going ok and maybe I'll try to have a non-jeans/leggings/ pj bottoms day at least once a week?.....  I also went for a skin analysis session and was told I need an anti-ageing facial.  Great.

But the first appointment I've booked is for some serious waxing - so I can take the kids swimming.


  1. It is difficult to have time for our appearance when there's so much going on. I never leave the house without make up but that's because I would never have the nerve to go barefaced! I would be late for work first!

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Think I'd put my lack of makeup down to laziness, limited skills and a hermit-like existence. But may have just shocked myself into action!

      By the way is it makeup, make up or make-up?? I've just googled it and found all three!

  2. Just found your blog on a MN thread, enjoyed reading your post. I've just started trying to make more effort with my overall appearance as well, I'm on day 2 ! so far so good lol.

    Have added your blog to my blog roll so i can visit some more :-).

    Best Wishes,


  3. Thank you Jo! You have really lifted my spirits on an up and down day. I'll keep checking how you're doing too. To be honest there hasn't been much change yet on general appearance front, although appointments booked and have bought a new pair of slippers!