Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 63 - Walking it off....

I feel like the walls are closing in on me at the weekend if we don't have any plans.  The kids aren't nice and I'm not nice.  Time to get out of the house.

This morning my Other Half rang to tell me very gently, that I'd booked the car hire for our eagerly awaited Easter holiday from the wrong airport.  Right country, right region, right first letter but wrong flipping airport!  Can't believe I've been so stupid.

Now there's a pressing need for some fresh air.....
Of course it's never a case of up and out, because that would be way too easy.  So let the battle commence. 

"Get your coats!"

"I'm NOT going!"

"I'll take your gameboy"


I decide to go for a walk along a path by the river so the youngest two can take their scooters.  I do my best to calm down the eldest, my worrier, who's convinced that they're going to scoot on in.

Five minutes later and I'm already feeling more relaxed.  The mist is lifting.

A good walk can make such a difference don't you think?  I'm not sure why I keep forgetting how powerful they can be.  There are so many times over the years when walking somewhere beautiful or just somewhere different, has lifted my spirits and maybe helped me see things more clearly?

The kids look so happy, they're laughing and playing together which is a joy in itself. They've got bright pink, rosy cheeks and watching them makes me smile.  

I'm going to shut my eyes quickly to save the moment.

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