Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day 54 - Walking under ladders?

Would you say you are superstitious?  Based on my extremely unscientific poll, a lot of people don't think they are - and if asked I'd say the same.  BUT I know when my dentist gave me today's date as an option for an appointment I turned it down in a heartbeat, even though it would have been fine.  Why?!  As a rational human being I know friday 13th is the same as any other day, but given a choice would you choose it? Really?   

The fact is weddings and other important events booked on any friday 13th are few and far between.  That little voice of doubt is hard to ignore.

So does this mean most of us are more superstitious than we let on?  I'd say the answer is probably yes.  I think our sometimes weird and wonderful superstitions are often so ingrained in our day to day lives we don't think anything of them.  They're just little quirky habits - something we do.  

So here are some of my 'normal' little habits...

I ALWAYS blow a kiss to a lone magpie and ask (out loud) if their family is well?, 

NEVER ever put an umbrella up inside or sing carols after christmas (seriously unlucky), 

NEVER eat from two stacked plates because a sailor will drown at sea (yes, I know) 

and ALWAYS lift both my feet when I drive over the tracks at a level crossing - quite tricky (and possibly a little dangerous?)  - but if you want your wish to come true??

I do make myself walk under ladders - but if I'm totally honest it doesn't feel right.....

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