Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 50 - Working up to working out...

The plan was to get the weights out and the DVD on as soon as the kids had gone to naturally I did the washing, rang the bank and called my sister. She told me to put the phone down and get on with it....

FIRST I had to find the 2 kilo kettlebell - the kids have been fascinated by them since they arrived. The courier had asked if someone was sending me bricks.  I eventually spot it under my son's bed.  No excuses now.

So glad no one can see me as there are a lot of lunges and hip thrusts going on.  I start with the two kilo weight and very quickly realise I'm going to find the exercises tough enough WITHOUT the weights.  Honest to god, can't believe I'll ever be able to do some of these moves with the 8 kilo kettlebell.  Swing it up over my head?  You must be joking.  

Like the sound of the windmill and the romanian deadlift! but the weight swinging makes me feel a bit dizzy - need to get over that as swinging it between your legs comes up a lot!  There's also some hand swapping at the top of the swings to get to grips with.  For a second I wonder what might happen if I let go at the wrong moment?...Surely a beginners Kettlercise class is lethal??

Doing the abdominal workout part was a KILLER - also need to hoover the carpet.  
Can't believe I've only done the introduction and instructions bit!    But definitely feel it in my legs and arms - and it feels gooooood!!

It's given me a bit of a lift which I needed because yesterday was pants.  I hate staying at kids' parties when you don't really know anyone.  There wasn't a chance to drop and run as it was too far away and I was asked to stay for the entertainer....  Now usually that would finish me off, but he was surprisingly impressive - and it delayed having to chat to anyone.  

Small talk is such hard work sometimes and I couldn't think of anything interesting to say, so just kept to the safe but boring Christmas/New Year/ kids chat. It felt awkward and strained and quite honestly I don't want to be reminded  that I'm tired and dull.  Everyone was cross, fractious and hungry when we got home and I stayed up way too late ebaying instead of making grannies.

This morning, came down after the kids to find this from Note boy


They always make me smile.  They always make me feel better. 

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