Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 48 - The weekend blues

Weekends are losing a bit of their shine..... still feel a warm glow of optimism as friday approaches, but it starts to fade very early on saturday morning when I'm plagued by small persistent children - the enemies of sleep!   48 days since he left - and the weekdays and weekends are melding into one....I seriously admire single parents who do this all the time.

It helps planning ahead and organising a few trips, but you can't go away every weekend and I'm still recovering from Christmas in Ireland.  Sometimes I love that the four of us are such a close little team - doing everything together.  But I wasn't feeling the love today, battling around town trying to find the 'right' football boots.  No one really enjoys shopping with their children do they?  And WHY is it that boys, like my 9 year old, would rather die than wear anything colourful - but when it comes to football boots the more blindingly bright the better?!  The pair he chose are metallic purple and lime green with a splash of fluorescent orange...?

All of us were pleased to get home.  I'd just turned on my iPod and the vacuum cleaner to get some peace and quiet, when the youngest was sick on the kitchen floor.  No warning of course, that would have made it too easy.  No kitchen roll either.  But just might be able to avoid taking all of them to a 5th birthday party tomorrow??  Every cloud.....   

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